Get It Off Your Chest


Shower of bastards. We all know what will happen if these fuckers are caught. Barrister will give some sort of sob story and they won’t get anywhere near what they deserve


Free legal aid … senior, junior counsel and solicitors all … courtesy of the taxpayer …


Welcome to Ireland thank you for smoking.


Thankfully that abduction in Lucan was a false alarm - kid made it all up apparently!


Kids these days… should’ve been walking to school…:joy:


I let my kids walk to school, we are just around the corner though, but as they say it only takes a second. They are well trained in school about stranger danger and their walk to school would be very busy with others so not like they would be on their very own at any stage

People should be complaining about paying for soft drinks for your kids anyway, kids shouldn’t be drinking soft drinks!


Yep. Give 'em hard liquor instead.


How come people talk about the dangers of kids going to school but not leaving them out to play? Ok if the school isn’t close by but in many cases it is


I was complaining … :slight_smile:


He has his restaurant hat on with that comment :joy:


Shouldn’t obviously!


Ah make up your mind! :smirk:

I bet if ya go into Killian’s on Fri night you won’t be paying €3 for a Coke mixer …


All this talk about the Dail prayer…what an absolute waste of f**king time…
These clowns are supposed to be running a country and they are concerned about whetehr they should stand or sit…WHO CARES??? :rage:


it lends itself to a broader issue in society where we can’t seem to untangle ourselves from the control the church has over people


Separate the religious element from it , you have 6 TD’s who wont follow the most basic of rules that were voted in.
So is it OK for them to just ignore Dail democracy when it suits them.

Regarding the who cares - Bringing back in the religious element to it - The people who it matters too (if the TD’s are doing it for show) are older people, who generally vote for said TD’s.




More class …


See they both got charged on four counts of assault. Proper order.


She’s 17 … :confounded:


Where or who is Killian’s?