Get It Off Your Chest


Well done minister. Just cut the bolloxs out of everything else hide the incompetence.


Just listening to radio 1. Barry Cowen being filleted for supporting Simon Harris. The over run is one thousand million. That would built a number of primary care centres, pay many nurses and put SNAs in every achool in Ireland. Politicians speak as if its only a few bob.


What’s that oul saying all you get from a pig is a cowen, sorry I meant grunt.


They do when there is a chance their ego is going to be bruised or the snout removed from the trough. Despicable people utterly dispicable. FF and FG should fucking merge and stop the arse boxing and pseudo opposition shite.


He was with the Abbey theatre company 77-80



I am thinking of setting up a group to counter all the nasty, false, malicious and spiteful things out there on social media - and not just stuff about Dublin but Meghan Markle, Kanye West, Donald Trump, Katie Hopkins and other poor souls.

The working title is Ordinary Ressers Going Against Social Media. Anybody on board?


Indeed… Jimmy Saville no longer around to defend himself.


Always on board for ORGASM.


Come again?




So he admitted his guilty but then just refused to do the 80 hours community service.




I see that we apparently have a Communist Govt according to G O’D :thinking:


I’ve no sympathy for him, if he admitted his guilt he just had to do the community service. Also from reading the article he chanced every angle possible to get off on a technicality.

The irony of his Youtube videos quoting the constitution and telling people what their rights are under the constitution and he tested some of those rights in the court today and is back eating porridge in Mountjoy tonight.


Ah bolloxs! I was hoping our favourite Brazilian would be accepted (after I filled out his application form on his behalf) now it’s gone bust. Gick.




I’m not sure I like that.


Ill be quite clear. I feel for the people who were robbed. It is entirely irrelevant whether the perpetrators were 19 or 89, married or single. You live by the sword, you know what’s coming.