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Are you sure he lived in Dublin? Even still, 40 years ago, maybe excluding the city, certainly in Skerries, it was very rare to see a black person. Anyway, it’s all been blown way out of proportion at his stage.
Good on ya Barnsey, still a ledge, with an open mind


Jesus christ. So the Garda said they were running from the car, but because the solicitor said there was no CCTV then he gets bail?? WTF. Glad to see they both made the effort dressing appropriately for court too


Tracksuits are for running …


I’d love to get @Roman’s take on their attire


No god doesent support mayo anyway unless he is sick in da head and loves watching us suffer lol


And the fact that the two scobes got their birds up the duff is totally irrelevant. In fact, that might be a reason for longer custodial sentences so the kids can have a childhood away from their scobe fathers.

Meanwhile, Stephen Collins reminds me why I despise him:


I don’t think Stevo is a Mayo fan and I am sure he loves your suffering when playing Dublin :wink:


Been in hospital, have had parents over last ten years practically live in hospitals, recently spent 28 hours on a hospital trolley , I’m 51 have been hospitalized a few times for longer than a week or so , so what do I need to get off my chest , something that will be very unpopular NO I’ve never seen staff, nurses or Doctors run off their feet , work long hours yes completely agree but run off their feet to listen to some you’d swear it was a constant re run of MASH , it’s not .


I had an appointment yesterday - long term issue which may flare up so just staying in the system. Doctor seemed to be on his first shift there (in his 50s I’d say) - noticed nurse showing him the room where he was to consult while I was in waiting area. I went for xrays and then after an hour and three quarters back I got called in, No xrays. Chewed the fat - English not his first language - wasn’t bad but wouldn’t pick up nuances etc so I was careful not to use them. He mentions xrays (I was about to ask) and then leaves the room - to get them I thought. Comes back after a few minutes, goes to sit at PC - then sighs and changes his mind. I believe he was told xrays were on screen but he had no idea how to go looking for them. Has another short conversation with me and goes off again. I heard him talking to {apparent) consultant in next room. 2 minutes about me and 10 or more about the fact that he hasn’t had time off in ages. He comes back - still no xrays - but he has (apparently) seen them and basically says off you go.

Personally i would have no real faith in the guy. Do they do much checking? I very much doubt he saw xrays and when I was leaving he was asking the nurse where the toilets were. I’m really glad that I don’t have a serious issue … yet


Do they just do the severed head thing with Irish people? Eyes open this time



From an impatient patient (yes I’ve been there, at the death of my dad, and during my mother’s illness events, and even in my short visits there with kids or my wife/self) I can see why you think that. However, as a person who works along side these people on a daily basis, you are 100% completely wrong. They are supposed to have a patient/nurse ratio that is overtly abused, and moral obligation kicks in when a seriously injured/ill patient arrives (that you cannot see, as you’re in the non-life threatening side), so you think they are doing feck all. Let me assure you, the reality is very, very different.

You do not become a nurse for the wage, but if you are being poorly paid for it, where it makes it so difficult for you to function in modern day Ireland with rent/food/kids etc, then why the fucking hell would you not strike for it? This country is a fucked over shithole, when people can’t take their heads from their arses and see that our dedicated nurses (the vast majority) are being treated like birdgick. It has to stop at some stage, now is the time.

Sorry for the rant! I’m tired and emotional. Good night.


No issue with a rant , we don’t even have to agree, I passed under the bridge beside James Connolly Hospital where the nurses stood I beeped the horn , so let me be clear because there’s two different discussions at play , firstly my own experience, my father who passed away in a hospital and my experience of such and the perception of all hospital staff as Florence nightingales , it’s not something I’ve witnessed or buy,however why did I beep , I respect the right of a worker to fight for a reasonable wage , a wage that they can live on , buy a house and not just exist , we expect treachers to teach , nurses to nurse the Garda to protect in the capital, however not pay a wage that allows them to live in that same city , bizarre


Well, I may suggest your experience to be the narrow end of the tube? No insult meant, by the way! I have always found them to be THE most humane and compassionate gang of all our ilk!


Now. Proper good night!!!


None of the nurses I know are the type to shout from the rooftops how tired/stressed/over worked they are, or how crap their working conditions are. They just get on with it. And if that means staying back & working extra (unpaid) hours because there is lots of work still to be done, or patients to be seen, or inadequate & unsafe conditions to be tolerated, that’s what they’ll do, because that is the kind of people they are. Without making a big song & dance about it. The lad in the cubicle next door, getting his bad back seen to, won’t have an iota of any of it, but it doesn’t make it any less true.


I’m thankful that in my job there are no signs on the walls (every wall in fact) that says “Threating or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated and the Gardai will be called” … I was in Temple St hospital recently and I was shocked and disgusted that it was even necessary for these signs to be up there. What kind of scum would subject any medical personnel to that kind of treatment.

The nurses strike isn’t all about money. It’s also about working conditions, staff numbers and other issues.


my sister and her husband were nurses (well they still do the odd shift - but are working in schools now) - My brother in law’s father is elderly and having a few issues - when they family meet up , my sister and her husband just have to let it slide with the comments on the expectations for the fathers care - its not a 5 star hotel.

Full disclosure my wife is a nurse - and likewise she is not on the front line any more and does home care for a kid at night - another horrible job i couldn’t be doing. Anyways she worked in crumlin for a few years before moving to galway with me. always remember when she was training that parents were giving out that their kids were waiting ages in A&E for the sprains and breaks - while the rest of the staff were devastated as they were busy on a kid who they had just lost.

She moved back to crumlin there in the last 2 years and was working in recovery after surgery, shes left since as trying to manage the shifts with 2 young kids is a job in itself. To be fair to the nursing managers , they bent over backwards to accommodate her as they are show short staffed , and short staffed with competent experienced nurses - Rochey is right in what he was saying , the amount of guilt she had when she couldn’t help out and cover when they were short staffed - the amount of times i drove down with the kids to collect her from work and it would be an hour sitting outside waiting for her to finish i couldn’t count.

So what you have in there now is understaffed nurses to begin with - then you can break that down again , experienced nurses who take most of the strain , and recent graduates who constantly leave and are replaced.

Time stays still for no nurse , so your experienced nurses are going to retire (or are taking early retirement cos of the strain) and are going to be replaced with … who.

Govt are plugging this at the minute by spending 200 million a year on agency nurses - you get no additional value from these guys , they do the basic nursing jobs in a hospital - Christ i see it in my own job on the deli counter in the canteen - there is a new person there every odd week and they get in the way more than anything else.

This strike while looking for better rates - isn’t about the money - its about making the hospitals safer - look what penny pinching did with the cervical testing.


And then you have all the violent, drunken, abusive and crazed people who show up on a regular basis and are catered for, usually in the most caring way, and considerate way, despite their behaviour. And that goes for the security staff and other staff too who often get the brunt of it. I know this because my job takes me into A&E on a regular basis. And frontline mental health services.

There are many staff there, who are basically holding the whole thing together by a thread. And I include most doctors in that, and the ones I don’t, vast majority of them are simply burnt out, disillusioned, and not an endless line waiting to take their place.
There are slackers in every business/every organisation, and there’s people who are exhausted, and there are many, who as somebody said above, just get quietly on with it and do an amount of work with the greatest skill and least fuss that most people would have no idea what they do or how they do it.

The ones who are running around shouting that the sky is falling in are often not the ones doing most of the work.


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