Get It Off Your Chest


If you’ve tried it for a week you must be happy with it so. As I said the tech it came with is great and the higher road position I love, I just feel it’s underpowered and space wise doesn’t have a huge amount more than a regular hatchback.

Maybe without the buggy in the boot it’ll be different but once that goes in it’s like Tetris trying to pack everything in.


On the Neeson thing and calling someone an X b@stard (X being whatever: black, fat, culchie, Orange). I always thought of it as being a more descriptive way of saying your man was a b@stard, as in, you Cork b@stard - you’re saying he is a b@stard, and from Cork, rather than being a b@stard because he is from Cork.

Granted nowadays it’s a different kettle of fish altogether.


What line of questions prompted him to bring that up . Right before a new film coming out . He has come out with some career ending stuff the last year . He obviously doesnt give a ■■■■ but hes doimg himself no favours with these comments .Hed probably be a hero if he had of said it was a white guy , could have embellished the story abit .


40 years ago Neeson was living in Dublin, the whole story smells of total Bull Crap to me. “I know what its like to want revenge…” pure made up fantasy scutter, concocted by some PR moron to promote his latest shitty film.

He’s a fookin halfwit for even uttering this drivel. The tosser


You open minded ■■■■■■■.


Everyone is shocked by everything now. But perversely at the same time, we are losing our sense of shock. Neeson is called out for racism but people share awful stuff via whatsapp. It’s focked up. Meanwhile, 40% of eight year old kids have access to online porn. As a species, we are storing up huge trouble for ourselves.


I’m 51 , I’m a different person than the 21 year old Damo , I got married had kids , committed to a career , lived and traveled, what I am and do as an adult should matter ,
but into the time machine what was 21 year old Damo like , told jokes about gays , blacks Jews Kerry men , Irish men , Englishmen wives mother in laws , you name it fair game , I drank more than I should and didn’t need much provocation to start a fight , to be self aware and improve yourself as a human being you need to know what’s wrong and address it , we are in danger of holding others up to a scrutiny we ourselves wouldn’t pass , we have a what’s app culture which some of the things send by supposed upstanding individuals would put Bernard Manning to shame , that makes a very large number of people hypocrites, Liam Neeson was both foolish and brave in saying what he said , but I for one ain’t running for a rope and joining the posse


Have to be honest & say I use Mr. Neeson’s expression every August when I meet these chaps on the road.


An open minded handsome ■■■■■■■.


Think the same. He said that he asked his friend did she know the attacker. When she said no he then asked what colour he was. Why would he ask that ? He must have seen Death Wish and confused himself. Bizarre stuff.




I won’t tell her you said that!


And humble too, triple threat!


Oh God. Shoot me now.


Doesn’t get any worse than that does it? It’s like Kerry and North Korea forming a mutual interest pact. There is no god. If there is fucker probably supports mayo.


Oh I think we can all safely say that there is no way in hell - no pun intended - God is a Mayo fan. :laughing:


Wouldn’t worry about it. More lads getting paid to talk shite on the radio. Good for them. Makes f#ck all difference to what happens on the field


Did anybody say it did?
I’m glad he’s on there for all to see and hear, I want to hear him provoked to come out with all the shite about the stolen medal and how “a big man gets nothing from the ref” and eye-gouging and the penalty that should’ve been and all of it, I want to see him foam at the mouth and talk about hunger and pain. Bring it on


Racist ■■■■■■■ :joy::joy::joy:


Back out on bail despite Garda objections :roll_eyes: