Get It Off Your Chest


Yeah my kid was not deemed severe enough to get the assessment. We can afford to pay for it so we will. Once we have a diagnosis hopefully we can get the strategy to help her. Lady we are are seeing is highly recommended.


The reaction to Liam Neason is over the top. Everyone offended by everything…the only mistake Liam made was mentioning it at all.


he was nuts to mention it.


Really don’t think it is over the top… he literally said he went looking for a “black ■■■■■■■” to kill. You can’t be going round saying things like that, whether you’re telling people you regret it or whatever. Stupid of him to mention it.


Most people have probably had that thought though and his was 40 years ago!!! But yeah stupid to mention it.


The rape was 40 years ago. I’m not sure him finding out about was soon after or many years after. I didn’t read any clear timings on this.


Silly for him to mention race in it, he could have told the story without it - but its a shit storm he has created and in the world we live in he will get pillared from all angles

interesting to see john barnes defending him on sky news yesterday


If you have Touch Type Read Spell programme running in your area also highly recommended. With modern technology, dyslexia is very manageable, and they can concentrate on their strong points (the gifts of dyslexia, that book puts a very positive spin on things:


Lets be honest, 40 years ago you would have found it hard to have found a black man/women in Belfast. My uncle grew up there and I spent a lot of time up there when I was younger. I remember around 25ish years ago, his brother was in his house and they were discussing the fact that they had actually seen a black person in belfast. It doesn’t make it better in today’s terms, but has to be taken in context on how different it was then.

I remember hearing the story about a farmer in Stamullen whos’ daughter got pregnant to a refugee from Mosney and he said something along the likes of, I’m gonna stand at the top of the road and shot the first black person I see coming out of there. Now THAT is racist!


I like this…


Just had a massively unsatisfactory encounter with a car dealership.

I’m in the market for a Qashqai (2015ish) so I went to a dealer last Tuesday , and it turned out the steering wheel was locked (wouldn’t budge). A mechanic was required to fix it. I done a test drive in a sold 15 Qashqai model. Loved it. Paid deposit. Was informed a key specialist from Nissan was required. I was ensured this would all be resolved by the weekend. Tuesday turned into Wed, and wed turned into Thursday. No update, still not done. My mechanic showed up on Friday and inspected it (without the engine running obviously and was a s happy as can be). Was told on Saturday that its not ready. Ensured its good to go on Monday. So myself and the missus take Monday off. I’m told the V5 (UK log book) still hasn’t arrived from the UK. Im fuming. I took yesterday off. Log book still hasn’t arrived from the uk. I tell him Ive no car and driving my sisters 00 clio intermitently. He said he’d have a car I could borrow until the Qashqai is ready this morning. No call this morning so I demanded a refund of my deposit.

Shower of fux.


no surprise really - all politicians have spin doctors or are coached by PR heads when doing interviews.
Fair play to him for recycling it though


Have they agreed to refund your deposit?




I’d love to name the dealership if thats allowed!


Don’t see why not.


What is it that attracts you about the Qashqai out of interest?

I have one (a 2010) 1.6 petrol and I can tell you one thing it’s massively underpowered. 115BHP only I believe… try driving that on a motorway with wife and 2 kids and a boot full of stuff and you know all about it. (and the wife is only petit before someone says it :slight_smile: )

I like it cause of the raised seating position and in fairness to mine it has some lovely tech/features (parking sensors, cruise control, auto lights, auto wipers, pan roof etc…) but I wouldn’t buy another one. Just too underpowered and too small for a family (especially if you’ve a buggy).


Can’t say I’ve ever wanted to find a “black ■■■■■■■” to kill to be quite honest… I would hope 99% of people haven’t had that thought. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Had a lend of one for a week in September. Loved it. Have the 2 kids and all the sh!te that entails so needed a bigger car. Family mechanic recommended one so decided to (try!) get one. 2015 model fit the price range too.


I love me c4 grand Picasso. Great for family and the boot is the wife extra wardrobe for all her fecking shit.