Get It Off Your Chest


I seem to remember that it was part of a fund raiser for, I think, St Michaels House. They had sponsored walks from various parts of the city to Croke Park where a match was played between politicians and celebrities. The man with the big hat was Jack Cruise and small hat (sitting beside Kevin Heffernan) Cecil Sheridan, for the youngsters reading this they were both famous comedians of the time. The picture dates from the mid to late seventies.


Jack Cruise!!! Fair play to you @Boarddelegate1 - he was from up the Navan Rd I think?! Any idea who the guy beside Sean Og O C is? Looks familiar.


Jack Cruise used to do the panto in the Olympia, remember my granddad bringing me in the early 70’s to see him


And Frank Howard … Irish version


At last! That feckin dry January is over!

Jaysus I can’t wait to go down the local tonight for a few swift Heinos. Haven’t had a pint since last night.


Put that the other way round :wink:


Is that John O’Shea middle of back row? Or Mick Dunne? The fella in the smaller hat isn’t Christy OC then?


I think it’s Mick Dunne, his daughter Eileen Dunne (the newsreader) is a regular Dub supporter in the Cusack.


It is Mick Dunne (RIP)


I could have sworn that the one beside Niall Tobin was Super Mario.


We have been told by the kids school and a specialist that my 8 year old has signs of dyslexia. However to get him diagnosed within 2 years we have to pay €500 to go private. As somone who struggled through school and only got diagnosed in collage i find this disgraceful. Fortunately i have the money and he will get all the support possible but for thoes who can not afford it being left for 2 years at a vital period for the child’s progression this is outrageous. Without the diagnosis you are not entitled to any suppprt.


We are going private in a couple of weeks. Hope to get it diaqnosed and get a action plan for my kid.

I might add it’s costing 600.


Good luck to both. If any level of fund raising is going on let’s know.


Yes indeed. We have a decent history here helping out. Take it to PM and please include me and Dubby in that PM.


– Without the diagnosis you are not entitled to any suppprt–

Thats the centre of the matter, and it seems the only feasible way is to bite the bullet, and get assessed privately. Schools do have a budget, but stretches very thin.

Have heard very good stories about dyslexia school in town, know someone who went there 3rd-4th class, then back to local school


The system is a farce but here are the facts:

Under the General Allocation Model your child is entitled to receive supports without a diagnosis of dyslexia. However, the school may not have enough resources!

The Dyslexia Association of Ireland would suggest that up to three kids per class have dyslexia. The National Educational Psychological Service is a bad joke. It has about 160 psychologists for over 4,200 schools. (Do the maths!!)

They force schools to play God, to pick the handful of kids they might assess. The rest will never get a diagnosis unless parents go private.

A diagnosis can be very therapeutic. Many kids judge themselves in terms of overall ability, on their reading skills alone. Therefore to be able to say to a child that they are very bright in lots of ways but just have a difficulty with reading/spelling- that can be managed- is often very powerful.

There are strategies and approaches that usually help such as Toe by Toe, Hi-Lo readers, audio books etc.

Most kids don’t need to go to a special school or class, for this…which is good as there are only a handful asross Ireland.

Until parents and schools go public on this dreadful situation, it will never change.


@JJF and @Hopper, I would recommend the Toe by Toe programme if you want to get ahead of this. Book costs about 30 quid. It needs to be done for a few minutes most days with the parent supporting the child. Not the most interesting stuff in the world but goes a long way with helping kids with dyslexia.
I have thought many kids with signs of dyslexia who couldn’t afford to get diagnosed privately and found that the Toe by Toe programme helped them get a leg up.


Thanks amigo, we started it this week. i got the book in hodges figgis for €30 if anyone else is looking.


The most important aspects are to do it regularly and complete the programme.


Dyslexia is widespread. Mrs AliveOh has it. I can understand wanting to get the specialist schooling. But don’t be terrified of the alternatives, they’re so much better than when the Mrs was growing up, and she’s managed quite well. And gives me some great laughs at times :wink: