Get It Off Your Chest


Here’s a pic that a nephew of Luke’s sent me… I tweeted earlier that if anyone had a more “Dublin picture” on this planet, I haven’t seen it yet!

It’s just fantastic.


Great shot … but Niall Toibin :flushed:

Is that Sean og O Ceallachain back right?


Oh no it isn’t…


Jimmy Grey front right??


Looks like him alright. Dermot Desmond in centre


The baould Maureen too. Elite Dubs!


Is that Christy O’Connor?


It is . Is that Jimmy gray below him?


It is.


Jock Haughey beside Jimmy. Mickey Whelan at the other end of the row. Sean Og standing behind Jimmy. Robbie Kelliher beside Luke


What was the game/event? Could we have a go at naming all in the pic?


Lar Foley, centre back row?


So there’s a triple header in Croke Park on Saturday with throw in on the first game at 3pm, followed by the ladies at 5pm and then Dublin v Galway at 7pm.

Given the current climate and the basic enough facilities in Croke Park, who in their right mind will go in for 3pm and stay till 8.30pm or shortly after. Even to go in at 5pm for the ladies is a big ask given how cold it’ll be.

Then I get an email from the GAA offering a premium package for Saturday for €130 (3 course meal and premium seat). I won’t be taking up the option but instead of that, I wonder did it ever occur to them to open up the premium (which will be half empty) and offer upgrades for a minimal fee and try and attract bigger numbers in earlier in the knowledge that they’ll be able to warm up inside in between games and at half times etc… Forget the 3 course meal, just let people buy their own drink and burgers etc. in the premium and have some more money in the tills too.

I’m not one to bash the GAA but I think those in Croke Park ignore the easy wins for occasions like Saturday.


@Rochey - any idea of the occasion or the year? It seems to be a type of Goal match so it may be after winning an All Ireland in the 70s?

Big guy with the cap in front row is familiar looking - may have been an actor?


Bar the “big guy” bit…he’s the fooking head off Joe Pesci


Place will be dead to about 6.30. Whatever about the hurlers who will go see the ladies?


Well whatever hope there was of getting support in for the ladies, having them on at 5pm in the middle of winter certainly won’t help and especially as it clashes with Ire v Eng 6N.

Double header in the summer makes so much more sense.


I don’t know, just thought it was a deadly pic. Was sent to me by Luke’s nephew!


Seeing as it was Luke’s anniversary yesterday maybe tweet it to @DubGAAOfficial and ask can anyone help with info re event and people in photo?


Amazing that people still have to be told not to do this