Get It Off Your Chest


Im seeing this. FFS.


I think its fantastic - great to see works of art like that - brightens up the place


Never said it was great tbf. Just not as bad as it looked




Considering the shite statues of Ronaldo and Michael Jackson in recent years, that is an incredible piece of workmanship.

I wonder is there some level of 3D printing done on it.


I’m a bit shook after seeing that. I’m glad they want to commemorate Luke but…Jaysus!


Maybe that’s why the Heffernan’s don’t want a commemorative statue of the great man…


In fairness his classic singing pose was eyes shut. I don’t think it’s too bad but would like to see it close up.


Which is fair enough…if there was a body attached to it…


I think it looks incredible .


Severed heads look worser with eyes open! :open_mouth::confounded::crazy_face:


But it is already closed up.


I’ve a bad feeling the one on the Northside may well be vandalised or graffiti’d.


Being on the southside didn’t help Philo. Although admittedly that was only a one off


Yeah but you like eggs in your coddle so …


In real life either … :confused:


Used to live over there for a few years. One memory was going to work one morning and they’d driven a car in to the shallow water between the two bridges. It was just sitting there propped up, intact. The IFSC crowd were just walking by, unfazed. Two worlds collide.


Walked around to have a look at it this evening, it’s gick, on a par with the Michael Jackson at Fulham one imo


Which one ?


The one beside Sheriff st