Get It Off Your Chest


Fuckin wagon


I have to laugh at people talking about the M A S S I V E FG lead over-run on the Hospital and seeking accountability.

Can you just not hold your whist until the heroic folk involved at least get their INEVITABLE bonus?





Please tell me that 1st one isn’t real :grimacing:


It’s not real…until unveiling on Wednesday


It looks like something Macnas would parade down O’Connell St on Paddy’s Day


Jesus Christ it’s fucking atrocious. 2nd one is really nice


Looks like a fucking zombie from walking dead or O’Connell street


The first one is an obscenity. The second is not much better.


First one looks photoshopped.


The young fellas that knock around down at that bridge will have some craic with the first one.


Second one looks a bit like Wurzel Gummidge. First one like a parade ‘grotesque’.


Second one looks more like Glen Hansard.


Who did the first one? Stevie Wonder?


Shower of bastards. MO would certainly fit a certain “ethnic minority”


It is utterly despicable how they target the most vulnerable and play on their fear and that vulnerability. It really is sub-human.


It is photshopped I’d say, I just passed by it 15 minutes ago and it’s still covered over.

The image is real but it’s placed on to that photograph for some reason (I reckon anyway).


If that wasn’t travellers, I’ll buy the tools myself…and return them to their owners.


Actually not as bad


We’ll agree to differ. Looks like a severed head with the eyes closed. Horrible.