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The ‘original’ estimate was in 2012
The €1.7bn is to complete IT systems etc - but was not part of the build cost which was originally €983m when approved by Govt and is now €1.4bn


All that and its still in the wrong fooking place!


Exactly. Whole thing a joekshop.



Blanch was the most obvious place for it


Go check the public record, my figures are correct on it.

I’m not even entertaining a debate.

It’s an absolute disgrace.


Yep and not a single extra bed will be delivered. It’ll replace Temple St, Crumlin and Tallaght but only have the same number of beds as currently exists.

Also what was pointed out yesterday is that the overrun is so much that other health projects (staffing and facility upgrades) will have to be postponed as the budget just won’t be there.


Yes it is an absolute disgrace and someone has to be responsible. But your figures are not realistic and do not refelct what happened with the timescale etc.

In 2012, it was expected to cost €404 million.

By the time the contract was awarded for the St James’s site, the cost had risen to €485 million.

In 2015, when an application for planning permission was lodged, the cost had increased to €650 million. The specification for the build had also changed considerably.

When the project was given Govt approval in 2017 it was costed at €983m. That cost is now estimated at €1.4bn. The total cost of €1.7bn includes cost equipment and IT systems etc and is not quoted in any of the earlier figures above.

The real disgrace is how a fully costed project could increase by €417m in two years with no change in specification.


So as I said when this site was chosen it was announced it would cost €480m, but it will be delivered in for a
a figure in the region of 1.7 Billion. Twice the price of the next most expensive hospital anywhere in the world.

My figures are accurate, you can dress it up any way you want to shift the blame. The St James’ site was sold on the back of a billion dollar lie.

Shameful and nobody will be held accountable. There’ll be a tribunal in years to come and only then will we see where the money leads back to. Politicians and Big Business intertwined as usual.


I am not shifting blame or denying anything - it is a monumental fcuk up and answers have to be forthcoming.

The shift from €983m to €1.4bn in less than 2 years (costing approved by Govt in April 2017) is the hike that really needs immediate explaining IMO and should it not be hard to find.


Is it not about time that the PAC scrutinise these major capital projects before there are massive overspends instead of waiting till the smelly stuff hits the fan and no one can be held to account?.


Give that man a medal…in this country though he would be in jail and the indruders would be free.


Twice the price of the most expensive hospital per bed ever built so I’m not going to argue about a few mill here or there. The posh boys in FG have no concept of the value of money. They will build this as a trophy project while continuing a homelessness policy and failing to clean up the streets of our capital.

Somone needs to stop and reassess what the ■■■■ we are doing, how we are doing it and figure out how we do it better.


Yes that’s much better way of doing things, oh what’s the murder and crime rate in the US again.


That was the EU, prior to ‘austerity’ economics.


Donegal again



Reports of as many as 4 dead



God awful reports from the scene. Very sad. Donegal again and at the time of night too. Too common an occurrence and I hope that the similarities are just coincidental. May they RIP

Irish Politics

Confirmed 4 dead


God bless them and their families and friends.


Terrible Terrible. RIP to them boys