Get It Off Your Chest


Kenny had similar views on northern nationalist and was close at one point to Harris. I have no doubt he was ruthless when dealing with thoes on a level but he was out of his depth when dealing with powerfull institutions i.e. EU, Banks, IMF

I know we wont agree but Imo we are lucky we have the current leadership dealing with Brexit.


Dudley-Edwards…etc…no difference. West Brits. Weak. Wafflers.


So the complete opposite of what your leader should be? When you lead the country you have to be confident, reassuring and ruthless in front of camera especially when representing a nation.

I fail to believe Enda was ever ruthless. He rolled over and had his belly tickled by the Troika and the rest of Europe and the striking image of Sarkozy patting him on the head summed him up rightly.


Like Americans or Brits in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc etc etc


Something that he and his ilk did said EVERYTHING about their REAL attitude towards everything Northern was how they made sure that they always attended the Enniskillen memorial but NEVER attended the Bloody Sunday commemorations. Says it all for me.


That moment when you realise that the Brown envelope no longer works…


I simply cannot count the fcuks I don’t give, about what Bono says. He is worth 700 million and pays no tax here, or very little. He can fcuk off.


Agree with ya and I find it hard to listen to the fucker on anything.


Absolute ■■■■■.


I’d ate a horse.




He pays more tax here than the vast majority of people. It’s his business that is registered abroad. Not himself.


And you’d imagine that the actual members of U2 have a big say in where the business of U2 is registered. It’s not like he makes parts for Dyson hand dryers in a factory in Newcastle & has no say in its CEO choosing to move the corporate HQ to Singapore, pre Brexit.

Lecturing governments on their financial & moral obligations is a tad hypocritical, if you make a business decision that deprives them of the tax revenue to fulfill those financial obligations.


Saw post earlier on twitter, these lads travelling to Davos to discuss Climate change on their private jets, hilarious, it quoted 1500 private planes arriving…


Our Government have just let us know there’s a billion euro overrun on the new Children’s Hospital. If you were a multi millionaire would you trust them to wisely spend hundreds of thousands of your cash. I know I wouldn’t.

Bono is a pain in the hole when he starts lecturing but he’s self made and what he does with his own money is his business. I’d do the exact same.


Hold on now. The overrun is sickening and has to be explained. But it is just over €400m - not a billion euro.


Of course he is entitled to do what he wants with his own money. If I won the Euro Millions jackpot, first thing I’d do is piss off to the nearest warm weather tax haven & fcuk the lot of ye. But I wouldn’t then be coming back here & lecturing the Irish government on failing to pony up for Third World debt relief or whatever. That’s my beef with him. Not taking his - and U2’s - millions to Holland in the first place.


What the fùck


No it isn’t. The original estimate was €480M, it was revealed earlier this week it will cost AT LEAST 1.7 Billion.

2012: upon announcement: Estimated Cost €480m
2016: Estimated Cost goes up to €650m
2017: Estimated Cost more than doubles to 1.4 Billion
2019: It’s revealed cost is likely to exceed 1.7 Billion.

and there’ll be ■■■■ all explained as usual. They were already in front of the Health Committee and could only loosely explain the overrun. No one is accountable and nobody will be fired.


Leo was minister for health on the initial estimate. It’s normal for projects to rise, but by over 200% is incredible.