Get It Off Your Chest


And they’ll wake up the next with such a hangover so as to actually honour the pledge that they never took.


Top class advice, thank you, gents :innocent:


Why not ask the mgt to put a couple of jugs of Miwadi orange or Ribena on the table for the chislers, that they can help themselves to? The staff won’t be bothered running back and forth, catering to their every whim. You get to keep truck loads of cash in your pocket, coz you ain’t coughing up 2.95 every time one of the little darlings feels a thirst coming on. Winner, winnner, chicken dinner !


Now that’s the biz, suits me as well , as I’m on the dry for another month or two . Thank you muchly , PD


That’s exactly what I do , a pInt of black currant or miwadi orange for the kids.
Although I was charged I think 5.80 cent last year for pint soda water and blackcurrant ( they put in two baby bottles of soda water) robbing bast…rds.


Jaysus, I was out yesterday with missus and kids and fella came in wielding a hammer, didn’t even get a chance to have the dinner.


His name wasn’t Stanley was it.


Jack ?


Ended up in middle of Traveller feud in Nando’s Santry. Wouldn’t mind but Coke was €3 a glass with free refills.


F…king sure there was free refills, I’d say there was no oneat the till to charge you, they had all legged it.


attempted abduction of an 11 year old boy from his back garden this evening in Lucan! Is nowhere safe for our kids?


Kids didn’t care about food just interested in refills, until things kicked off…


Jesus that’s serious. Something similar happened outside daughters school couple years ago. This is crazy stuff.


It makes you think twice when you see so many kids being dropped to school and saying they should all be walking like we all did back in the day…


I remember one of the mothers telling Garda it was a white van. He asked her why she didn’t just take the Reg number.


Straight out of the hammer house of horror …

As ABBA used to say, can you hear the drums for Nando’s?


Always thought that song was about Torres.


Kids got abducted back in the day too, probably more so because people were much less vigilant in general. I believe walking/cycling/scootering/skateboarding to school is something kids shouldn’t miss out on. I do I do I do I do I do


Holy ■■■■! Any news-stories Facebook links I can post around my own area?


This is disastrous… They are well matched and should remain together, the c*nts.