Get It Off Your Chest


There isn’t a hope in hell that any concession would be made around any DUP only arrangement - none. Any such arrangement would be in contravention to international law. It can not and will not happen.

That said the stakes here are getting very serious. To date I am very satisfied with the robust (EU) support for the backstop and the GFA and don’t see that changing. Any resiling or weakening from that position could have massive repercussions for the whole EU project.

The one unfortunate element in the whole situation is the lack of unconditional support from the US thanks to the incumbency of the biggest moron on the planet.


I’m happy with the EU response too. Up to a point. I’m still not entirely 100% certain that when push comes to shove & a hard Brexit is actually going to happen (as opposed to in a few months time,) little old Ireland won’t get thrown under the bus to placate a European super power that wants to take it’s ball and go home.


It’s not against international law, it may contravene an agreement lodged with the UN hence Mays pondering how she can change the GFA. I didn’t realise until today that only two section of the GFA are lodged with the UN.


I’m.just glad Inda is gone, he would have rolled over for May a long time ago. The EU really have shown to be men of there word in this.


Yes, they have. Up to now. The signs are good that they will continue to do the right thing & do the right thing by Ireland. However, history has shown that we can’t always take that for granted.


Nah that’s just nonsense and a bit beneath someone who seems to know his stuff.


No he was appoling in his dealings in the bail out, he continually missed open goals and assumed cosying up by its self gets results. Have a read of
Eoghan Harris the weekend, he was close to Kenny and I suspect views are similar on this topic like they did many others.


Enda wouldn’t have the stomach for a scrap like this. Leo & Coveney do & it makes a big difference. Coveney in particular has been playing a blinder imo, even if he is a langer.


If anyone thinks that this would be a straight auld deal and handshake between Inda and Theresa they are either not really informed, mischievous or AN Other.


It probably a generational thing, celtic cubs were brought up believing in themselves with more confidence then previous generation when dealing with others. It’s a positive and a negative


Nah. I think it’s more a personality thing. There were plenty of dirty street fighters around in Enda’s day and before it. He was just never one of them.


No one made any such point, I don’t believe he would have the courage to hold his position for so long and a fudge on the backstop would have happened a long time ago.


But the position has the full backing of the EU and would have been really put in place by negotiators - the position would be as is with EK - maybe not if it was Donald Trump though. If anyone thinks Kenny couldn’t street fight they should look at that leadership challenge.


The real story of the backstop is that the UK negotiating teams from Day 1 have been incompetent. The Irish realised the significance of the backstop immediately it was signed off back in late 2017. Look at the post agreement statements. It was end game from an Irish perspective.

But it has taken the UK a lot lot longer to realise it’s significance …



As you said we outmanouvered them


Winning a scrap in your own party is one thing. Doing it on the international stage is something else entirely. There’s been many a political leader who became a cropper when they got a plane & found themselves outmatched by a shower more conniving, more experienced & much more ruthless than they are.


It seems May has flipfloped on amending the GFA. It was good to see this presume coming from our diaspora.


Here is the artical I refered to, I suspect many of that generation have a similar view. Mícheál Martin’s has said similar previously what criticising the government.


People just love to poke fun at Kenny…how he is even entering conversation here is amazing. He was a poor operator on front of camera but speaking to people in the know he was bloody ruthless off stage…


If Eoghan Harris had his way the Union Jack would be flying over Leinster House. A sympathetic unionist of ever there was one.