Get It Off Your Chest


A sister of Stormy Daniels I believe


Bury them under the prison.


I’m a supporter of capital punishment for vermin like this. I don’t want them looked up with 3 hot meals a day, cable tv and education opportunities…F that !!


When they are found guilty and sent to prison, they will get some 'wellcome ’ especially that cunning stunt of a wife of his.


I couldn’t even read that. People who rape children should be put to death. No painful injection or messy electric chair. The guillotine never fails.


And that as well. Though a blowtorch and a scraper wouldn’t go a stray with these pair of fuckers.


It is at times like this you wish Chucky was actually real and the little doll could be locked up in a room with these two.


They won’t be mixed with general population. Do gooders do my head in…they are against the death penalty and any form of pain or punishment when locked up…why? It should be remembered some people are so deranged that being locked up means nothing to them


They should be given a punishment that is the equivalent of the pain they inflicted on that poor child.


Wish these cùnts would fùck off and stop trying to destroy the peace process


Genuine question is there still a peace process or just peace now.

Dissidents form a very small minority of Nationalists/Republicans and even in the bad old days when conditions/ discrimination against nationalists were harsh the majority did not support physical force republicanism.

The lack of an assembly and prospect of Brexit are the only things that could reactivate this lunatic fringe.


I presume you are referring to the Conservative Party here?


The vermin that kill innocent men, women and kids with bombs I’d say he is referring to.


Aye but the elected vermin are keen to weak it too. On both sides of the water.


Are you referring to the USA, Saudi and Iranian regimes fighting their proxy war in Yemen? Did you read about that on The Daily Express’s website? :wink:


Them too but come on man your deflecting here…


To a point, but the consequences and aftermath of British and French colonialism (and that of others) are part of both problems.


It is interesting this new spait of IRA activity is occurring when for the first time since Thatcher that a fervent anti peace negotiations and GFA minister is prevelent in the UK government and the DUP hold the balance of power.

Someone of a more suspicious mind might think it’s a above coincidence an attack occurred without security service intervention. All while the daily mail publish a story about May changing the GFA.


Yeah, we’re just caught in a trap of history repeating itself here.


It’s the big fear, unfortunately the only people who will benifit from renewed violence will be the extreme Tory’s and unionists. Arlene has been looking for May to support a NI government without SF. I wonder is this the change to the GFA she is pondering. It will put FG and FF in an interesting position if it is as they both say SF are not fit to govern.