Get It Off Your Chest


And I bet it wasn’t all about driving :wink:




Loveable little scamp (not). I wonder how do they get the caravans to New Zealand? Some social worker in years to come will be tasked with begging a judge not to lock him up. It’ll be everyone else’s fault too.


Jaysis, Al might change his tone now they are over his neck of the woods!


What the ■■■■ is this

Such pretentious bollox


That’s not a nice way to talk about my family’s holiday video. Anyway they’re heading back home soon. To get some more spending money.


You don’t go to the Ivy for a pint of stout in a proper glass. It’s like reading McKenna’s shite on Twatbook and expecting journalism.

Read a very funny review of that restaurant. Sounds terrible.


That’s brilliant :joy:
Especially like this bit

“An order of oysters have been dumped on a small plate. There is no ice, no mignonette and no fucks given


For ■■■■ sake. Thought being in England he wouldn’t get out. Watch him do a runner now


No surprise…it’s a joke in England too. Knife deaths through the roof but barely reported…lads out with dozens of previous convictions


Mother of jaysus - that’s some money to rack up


Fucking ridiculous


Anyone cutting back on their red meat? Personally I’m cutting back on my private jet and Leo should do likewise.

The vegan agenda is fairly been pushed now…will probably be illegal to eat meat in 100 years.


She said the mitigating factors were that Jones admitted to driving the Audi, his lack of previous convictions, his “relatively” young age, his good work history, his expression of remorse both in the hospital after the collision and in court and that he himself was injured in the collision.

What the ■■■■. Him being injured was a mitigating circumstance. Fucking cuckoo land these judges


There is simply no justice in this country. Left the scene, pleaded not guilty. ■■■■ should of got twenty years. Judges and their mitigating factors.


Sickening. Sick fucks should be locked up for life.


Jesus that was hard to read. ■■■■ locking them up, they should be tortured, castrated and left to bleed out the dirty bastards


Absolute bastards.


Jesus Christ.


I’d have a different punishment in mind involving rusty blades and hot needles…