Get It Off Your Chest


Time the media let the Ballybrack dead player story die .
Todays front page headline


Based up in Armagh , might explain it . They sell all sorts , not just gaa stuff .


Cunty ■■■■ face pug lover if I ever meet him…


F*cking freezing at work. First day back since the 21st Dec. Place is still trying to warm up. I stood beside the (open) fridge in the kitchen to try and get warm.


Realeased without charge. Wow.


Fairly sure that article is being misleading. Arrested a 16 and a 44 year old, it was the 16 year old that was released on New Year’s Day, pretty sure his father the 44 year old (the one who did it) is still being held.


Edenmore, nuff said…



Would never happen in your part of Liverpool, would it?




Fair cop.

Not so much fun, however, for two people getting shot for doing nothing but their job.


What was the reason ? Attempted robbery , a grudge or a row ?


It would appear to be armed robbery, on the face of it. Mindless to shoot someone when it was hardly a king’s ransom in the tills, you’d imagine.


Must’ve thought it was Coolock


Guards reckon there was more to it than robbery.


Not enough vinegar on the chips? Yeah, been there.


Wow thank God nobody was hurt or killed. Learner driver with no fully qualified driver with them?


Shane Ross has just blown his load all over Stepaside, after hearing this.


Does it not say she was on a driving lesson so surely an instructor with her?


But was it a proper driving lesson? As I would of thought the instructor would have a car fitted the break and clutch.


Not always, I got a few lessons in my own car when I was learning