Get It Off Your Chest


Real eye opener on RTÉ on steroid use and the damage they are doing. Steroids being dealt in gyms and car parks like hard drugs…

Makes me wonder about the amount of young lads who are well built these days…almost too well built for their age unless they are in the gym every day and eating right, staying off da drink etc…which I highly doubt


Does Andy Moran have a gym?


You do know Aido’s only 5”9’ during the week…


Yeah In castlebar…class place in fairness


Did he always have a Gym. I knew his wife Jennifer, always thought he was a Sales Rep.


Was thinking that myself, wouldn’t be a surprise if it was some sort of inside scam with innocent collectors being the victim anyway.


Used to be a sales rep alright.


The amount of dummies he sold them Dubs!


He was but opened a gym about 3 years ago. In an interview he did say his up turn in form was probably due, partially at least in not sitting in a. Car all day driving which isn’t great for the muscles or back


No it would brutalise both them and society itself .


Too late. That has already happened.


absolutely heartbreaking stuff.


More than likely because of that freak Alex Jones pushing his conspiracy theories





That’s a very twisted person(people). Probably very dangerous too.


I posted about this guy a while ago . Apparently it has taken a sinister twist .
The son had been running his account for years and it seems now he’s trying to exploit his father’s legacy for his benefit . Beyond pissed about this …


John Pilger. Worth a read:


He’s fantastic. Tell No Lies is a great read.


The GAAstore are having a “Boxing Day Sale” sale :roll_eyes:.