Get It Off Your Chest


Wish I could do that with beer …


What and when is something going to be done about this thuggish behaviour on the pitch. Happening at all levels and token suspensions is not good enough. GAA should be actively encouraging police and civil action to be taken by the victim.


Unfortunately, tolerance is often the first port of call for those who might otherwise be better educated. This is a disgrace, I wish the young player well.


Sadly nothing will be done until there is someone killed.


It is starting to annoy me the way Leo Varadkaar is using his position to be photographed backstage with musicians. In the last year or so I’ve seen pics of him with Kylie, U2, LCD Soundsystem no doubt their were others I just can’t rem them


You’re playing fast and loose with the term musician there


I’d love to play fast and loose with Kylie.


Fast I can do unfortunately :frowning:


It wouldn’t bother me then again I am a selfish ■■■■■■■.



Kylie looking very well for 50 :heart_eyes:


Was just reading some shocking stats for London this year so far…over 40,000 !! Recorded “incidents” with knives or blunt objects…78 people dead so far in 2018…


So from this article, what I can gather is that, IF you are a “suspected” criminal…you get to walk away from 64k of negative equity…good deal :policeman:t4::roll_eyes:


Why is he not being arrested for being a drug dealer also??


Looks like such a lovely bloke. And she’s got a face that would be very pretty if it wasn’t being used as an offensive weapon


Damian English. Jesus wept.


Whats that? Mr. English who can barely be understood speaking it. I ran the fecker out of me garden at the last election.


No doubt if he’s caught we’ll get the usual sob story from his Free Legal Aid solicitor how he’s from a deprived area and had a tough upbringing


Amazing that he knew what was going on and where and the large amount of money …


As I have said before, these people should be publicly flogged instead of prison. It’s cheap and it will work.