Get It Off Your Chest


If you know what happened feel free to tell me.


Armed Gardai now protecting the home of the sergeant involved in the Longford shooting…online threats from the ethnic community.


Would this crowd in the video be from the same family we were talking about ?


I don’t believe so speaking to a friend from Longford. Local talk claims there were slashooks and a dog present but the dog was removed. Garda sergent was responding to a call from member of the public.

Amazing he was sent alone, armed or not I always assumed they attended in pair. Yer wan roaring in da video would put you off your dinner…


That’s the biggest surprise for me, how was he responding alone?


PETA can go fùck themselves


whats your take on it ?


A guard wouldn’t ask me that. :slight_smile:
I’ve heard different reports at this stage, waiting to hear the whole story now.


Yes, because animals are sensitive to being subjectified. Sweet Jeysus.


Complete bullshit …


That is fookin scandalous. Someone would want to tell these groups to cop on


If you feed a fed horse he’s only gonna get fat innit?


Take the flower by the thorns?? Huh?

Hey kids just grab that lovely rose by the thorns there - PETA said to do it … don’t mind that blood … or poisoning.


That’s insane…almost as insane as gender neutral toys for 5 years olds…


Be the test tube??? WTF


lord lantern jaysus. We’ll be told next that maybe some birds are gluten intolerant and not feed them scones. The world is fucked.


“Sure a test tube would be half as much fun”
Richard Gere, 2018


I heard that a few years ago about feeding the ducks, do you think they eat bread in their natural environment, why would we feed them bread, especially white bread???

Cause they fookin love it, look at hem scoffing it!



Don’t think so as animals have mastered what humans haven’t quiet got to grips with, 99.9% of the time they stop eating when they’re full :rofl: