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I can do see where iomaint is coming from, landlords absolutely do lie about renovations to evict tenants and raise rent. I quit a very good job as a letting agent because of all the times my boss asked me to fake a list of renovations being done on an apartment and the same day have the apartment back up on daft. However, dub is right, this isn’t a case of that, that place is genuinely in bits and they genuinely are renovating it, as is their right.


Tenancy rights here are a sham compared with the likes of Germany. One of the main reasons for the housing crisis is the corrupt bastads in NAMA selling off swathes of housing and apartments to vultures at massively discounted rates, but refusing to give similar deals to individuals.


Two hours of having to watch this arsehole for the next two hours


Was nothing to do with the fact she was barred from the shop and was therefore trespassing of course…


Anyone else fed up with people brushing off political outcomes as some kind of mistake, I mean we have Trump, if you were to read most of the stuff posted about it people put his success down to a consequence of some kind of mistake people made, “Ah they just voted for him because they felt he hadn’t got a chance” Brexit a bit more of the same" Ah they reckoned it was a way of having a dig at the Government, but the yes vote was never going to win"
Tonight in the South of Spain the extreme right wing Party VOX came from nowhere to win 12 seats, when the polls gave them one seat at most, but again we are being told " Ah it is only because the other parties are not doing much so people want to have a go at them, but the people who voted for them are not really Ultra right wing"
I sometimes think we are trying to sweep the dirt under the carpet. I reckon trump is quite popular in the states, A lot more British people are in favour of Brexit than many are willing to accept and that there is a big surge in Ultra right wing movement in Spain and in a lot of Europe and as soon as people realize this rather than trying to cover it up somebody may try do something to stop it.


I think a lot of people in the UK favour Brexit, in principle. A lot more than the 52% who voted Brexit. But “principle” isn’t always a valid option. Pragmatism would suggest, to many, that staying in the EU is a better option, regardless of the EU’s failings.
There are lots of nationalist/republican people in the Rep of Ireland who yearn for a United, Nationalist Ireland - just not at its current financial cost?


I understand that, but I think there is a tendency just to brush off things lightly such as Trump or the surge of the extreme right in Europe and put it down to something that suits our agenda rather than facing reality,


Digital Chat windows on websites , only discovered it recently on DPD web page and now ulster bank.

Fucking useless


People on the train who play stuff without headphones. It’s getting really prevalent lately and I’m gonna go William D-Fens Foster on it soon. WTF is it with these people?? This morning a thick set bloke got on and first he had his breakfast which involved scraping fcuk out of a plastic container and slurping the last scraps of whatever he had. Then he started playing his phone … and believe it or not … it was Dom Joly. And it got louder and louder - the fcukin irony.



Do the fucker for perjury and attempted fraud



whats the deal here.

The description on the Video is misleading - he shot the dog in the video.


Is he there on a nixer or on duty?

RTE say “a man nearby also sustained shotgun wound injuries to his leg.”


Not surprised…plenty of our cultured friends in Longford…now watch the county loose their minds over a Garda discharging his firearm


Reports say that the dog was killed but you can still hear the bitch whining at the end!


Nearby the dog getting shot in the video i’d say.


Was he there on duty or on a nixer?


who knows - the description says he was there for a mate - the description also says the copper shot the dog prior to shooting the chap.


Are you a Guard?


Guards wouldn’t ask me that !

No i’m not .

What i see is a video - a woman claiming to be 37 weeks pregnant videoing her husband who is trying to tell a copper to put away his gun while trying to clatter a chap in a van.

The coppers tie is grabbed - by an stealth dog it seems - copper calls out to ‘get him to let go or he’ll put a bullet in him’.
Do you expect a copper to be compromised by being pulled to the ground by a tie and loose his fire arm ?

Are coppers ever off duty ? i don’t think so. Don’t think it’s out of order if the copper was called by the chap in the van, its not like the local cop shop in longford was overflowing with coppers to respond - if they had a car to get out there.

Do i want to see armed coppers think they are something out of a TV show firing bullets left right and center - no.

What i do know is , if my wife was 37 weeks pregnant i wouldn’t want her near an altercation.
What i do know if a copper pulled a gun out - i would back away.

Actually if he didn’t have a gun and i was told to move away - i would.

Play stupid games - win stupid prizes.