Get It Off Your Chest


It’s a disgrace and very very sad. Can only imagine how his wife and poor kids must feel


No idea, reads like the garda remembered him from a similar incident in 2010


Judges need to consider whether or not they are part of a justice system or a legal system.

Making the state pay compensation to a rapist…FFS


“address the question in a comprehensive and humane way” for a man with 14 counts of rape and 60 counts of sexual assault against a family member.

Christ … the judiciary in this country … beyond words …


FFS, thats a joke. They’ll have scumbags looking for their dole now while they were in prison


That should be different as they are not available for or seeking work … but with our judiciary you’d never know …


They probably get to do more of their “traditional” work while in prison… dealing, etc.


Or look to get a wage for slopping out …




Has there been issues since the previous sale? Evictions etc? Anything worse than PTSB were doing? People have the same protection. I didn’t read anything. The media love the old ‘vulture funds’ … vultures that they are themselves. Have read loads of crap like this about them - scaring people - but can’t recall reading about these vultures feasting on victims after these sales. Maybe I’m wrong.


How do you think people become homeless?


Engage me. Don’t throw out banalities



The one where the company wanted to spend €3m updating and making it safe to live in?


This is your second one - you forgot to put up the story that followed your one a couple of days later. This is exactly the kind of crap I’m talking about @Iomaint so
thanks very much for absolutely proving my point for me.

Landlord in Limerick complex withdraws notices to quit


Updating and making it safe to live in? Oh I see. Dearie me. And there was I thinking lots of landlords used that as an excuse to evict people so they could raise the rent. How naive am I :rofl::rofl::yum::yum::yum::yum::joy::joy:

As for Limerick, they were publicly shamed into backing down. The law was about to be changed. Read the article for yourself.


The place is in bits - it’s clear to see. So you’re not entitled to renovate your own property now? Two false stories shot down - must do better. Though nice to see you defend people you normally wouldn’t.


‘You’re not entitled to renovate your own property now’…This is exactly what vulture funds do. You have shot nothing down. BTW who am I defending that I normally wouldn’t?


Christ imaging investing money to improve your property - outrageous.

It’s all there read it.


This is a circular argument so let’s just leave it for now and see how things pan out?