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Of course … sure LEAP stands for Laboriously Exhausting Application Process …


i just went to the local shop - bought it for a tenner and a fiver of that was admin , downloaded the app and linked a card to it and uploaded.



There was me thinking the online way was simples - Doh !


Jesus Christ, Keegan and Cuffe (the two bicycle lovers) at it again…


Great idea. I can stagger home from the pub unmolested by arseholes in SUVs and Beemers.


Sorry reading from a Dublin point of view. You have to consider the quality and quantity of services available in comparable cities when passing judgement. The level of central and local government subsidies to public transport companies also has to be taken into account when making such comparisons.
I’d love to know how much of fares paid by commuters (and taxes paid by commuters and non-commuters) ends up with the unions’ coffers.


Agree… from a crime point of view Dublin City centre is a kip with gangs of junkies roaming around the place. It’s like DCC have just abandoned it while the Luas works is going on. It’s depressing.


Don’t think the DCC don’t have any control over where the methadone clinics are located. That’s all down to the HSE or the Dept of Health.


Her old man sounds like a right arsehole. Probably actually better for he’s out of her life.


Dublin bus, Luas, Dart companies pay nothing into trade union coffers. Their employees pay weekly dues and mostly are satisfied with their return, Luas employees received a substantially decent return recently.


WTF was Dermot ahearn when he was minister for justice doing , thinking when he brought this ridiculous law in ???


And why didn’t the Guard just take down the details of this major ‘crime’ from this crank and say ‘I’ll get back to you’ and quietly leave it rest. After all, we’ve all reported burglaries, small thefts etc to the Gardai and never heard any more about it. This make us look like Saudi or Pakistan. Though I wouldn’t really object if that smug know-all Fry was given 50 lashes![quote=“Trueblueforever, post:461, topic:64, full:true”]

WTF was Dermot ahearn when he was minister for justice doing , thinking when he brought this ridiculous law in ???


I think he did. Fucking loser who reported this did so a few years ago. Didn’t hear anything back because presumably the Guard did as you said above so he wrote to Noirin O’Sullivan no less inquiring about it and it moved on from there as I suppose something had to be seen being done. Nothing will come out of it in the end but still ridiculous. Also yer man when asked said “he personally wasn’t offended”.


And who pays the workers? Fare-paying passengers and govt subsidies. How happy will the employees be when the union runs the companies to the ground? The union boyos will still have their jobs.


I think I had a moan about this before but it happened again yesterday so here goes …

Was out for a nice meal yesterday evening but the soft drinks were €3 a pop (pardon the pun!). This was for a 200ml bottle which is really nothing short of a mixer. That works out at €15 for a litre of coke. Unacceptable price gouging! The meal itself was lovely and good value but this left a sour taste in the mouth (pardon the pun again) - I don’t know why places indulge in this …


You can say the same principle applies to a lot of workers.

It is up to the employees to vote on the options put in front of them. :confused:


What about letting the owners/management know by posting on Tripadvisor or whatever is the most suitable place and naming the business ? Might not suit if it’s local , I appreciate that . I will be gouged on Wed as we have a confirmation and few families all going to one place close by


Not in the private sector. And certainly not to the extent they have in the Semi-State Transport companies.

And they take the union advice without considering the long term viability of the company. You get what you vote for, I suppose. I never hear the union bosses campaigning for benchmarking when salaries in the private sector were in free fall.


I reckon the guy might have reported it to highlight how ridiculous the law is, and not because he’s a moan, in which case fair play to him.


I dropped them an email. I’ll see if they come back at all.

I have a good confirmation tip. Get the young person NOT to take the pledge, then you can horse the gargle into them. You may be getting a bit ripped off buy at least they are getting drunk for it. As a bonus then they usually start splashing the Confo cash around and buying you loads of pints.