Get It Off Your Chest


Always sinned against as usual. Scumbags


More lies from them. 4 travellers follow a referee to his car. They put him in hospital. Racism is blamed. Bullshit. But the whataboutery apologists will kick in now, and tell other stories to balance it out.


Ah the r word. The default word when these folks are done for the usual.


Unreal, they should get time for that. Racist, they are Irish FFS


Joke of a sentence. So out after just 4 and years with automatic remission…


What a shower of wankErs.


They got the idea from Stephen Ireland?


Was that not his Granny :joy::joy::joy: again…


Did you rip that article off Hogan Stand?


Talk of new laws and reforming the gaurds, this countrys main problem is a judiciary that is completely out of touch with reality. This fella was convicted before, pleaded not guilty and never showed any remorse to the poor lady he attacked. I hope to god the appeal and look for longer sentence. If people should be out on the streets protesting it’s about the judges in this country, they’re a farce at this stage.


He’s the UCD guy yeah?


Think so.This abomination should never be let out of jail. He is still awaiting sentence on 2 other convictions for similar attacks. Of course they will run concurrently and the animal won’t spend any extra time in jail. Pathetic.


You can sure they’ll milk the “racisim” yarn for all it’s worth


As always it’s some poor unfortunate who’s killed while the perpetrator walks away without any serious injuries


And a very brave Garda, who in this day and age gets no respect!


Brave man


The motherfucker had previous hit and run. Ffs and he is out walking the streets.


8 years ago and the same Garda got injured then and on the run since. , that poor man and his family,


Small man needs bigger road signs!!!


How can someone be on the run for 8 years on this tiny island?