Get It Off Your Chest


I’ve just finished watching 13 reasons why. Very well put together show that deals with a lot of issues including rape. In the interviews after it, they said they made it because it’s happening every day across the country in the US and people are getting away with it. The leniency the judge gave Bryce in the show would tell me it’s not just Irish judges!

On another note, I was on jury duty a few months ago for a rape case. I obviously wont go into detail, but there was one juror who pretty much said after day one that he thought he was not guilty and was not interested anymore and wasn’t changing his mind. I couldn’t believe it, ended up being a hung jury cause we couldn’t get more than 9 guilty agreements. I have no doubt from the evidence that he was guilty


What a sense of entitlement - throw away the key!!!


You can bet your sweet life on that, a mad case here recently where a gang rape was clearly committed in the San Fermin festival, in the end they got done for sexual abuse as the Judges reckoned there was no violence, the ■■■■■ recorded it and sent the videos to their mates, they got 9 years but are still walking the streets.


Savages…Mullingar lads apparently…

How long before we see this in our game?


Wicklow ?



Watching the Maurice McCabe story on TV…wow, go against the state forces and the state will try to bury you. Corrupt to the core.


Not surprised, a mate of mine works on that site…No more houses should be build there…disgraceful


The thugs should win?


He said Maughan replied: “I’m embarrassed by the whole situation. If I could turn back time, I would. I regret it, I’m sorry" when the charge was put to him.

Sure thing


No but something needs to change…workers shouldn’t be out at risk. Houses being burnt, thousands of euro worth of equipment being stolen and destroyed.

Parents need to be responsible for their youth and the Gardai really need to up it further on the well known drug gang influencing them. I feel sorry for the decent people there.


There is frustration in areas with SDCC as the latest policy is building on green spaces in current housing estates, despite there being lots of areas zoned for housing and not being developed.

Granted , it sounds like its little shits running amok out in clondalkin.


Well I’ve been told the gang is upset that their “dealing” ground is making way for housing. It’s more serious then “little shits”. It’s who is putting them up to it.

The entire community need to unite and come out against this intimidation…easier said then done I know.


What worries me more is I’ve yet to meet a Garda praise McCabe in any way for what he’s done .


Maybe the good ones are afraid to back him…it’s a rotten force looking in from the outside. “When good men do nothing” - Maurice McCabe is a good man.


Or Cher thing even :slight_smile:


What a fucking jobsworth asshole


Why waste the resources??


To protect the innocent who might be also there?


Tell them to stay at home and let the “cartels” finish their fight!!