Get It Off Your Chest


I remember one BBC Radio presenter announcing the number one album as “Never mind…the Sex Pistols album”


You’re older than you look pet




Inheritance … there’ll be f*** all left by the time the legal profession finish with them


That’s jolly inclusive of you. Well done. :clap:


Established by The Dublin Philosophical Society in 1731, with Thomas Prior at the helm.

He went to Trinners & has a bust in his memory in Christchurch. I’m gonna go out on a limb & guess that he was an Ascendancy Prod, with eff all allegiance to nationalist Ireland, despite his grá for the health of 18th Century liverfluke & ringworms.

The “Royal” prefix was adopted in 1820, when George IV became patron.

The Societies historical roots aren’t exactly Republican or nationalist in leaning.


And then they’ll all be on the housing list for us to support them


If any more proof was needed that some Judges /Ex Judges are on another planet


I like to call it surprise sex


There was a case in Cork in the last few days where the defence argued that the fact that the victim wore a lacy thong mitigated against any rape claims. Shocking that the judge isn’t forced to issue a directive to the jury ti disregard that as a line of defence and a warning issued to any barristers who tread that path


Defense Counsel Barry White is the first, the last, the every word in defending the indefensible.


Sick…Irish judges are not living in the real world.


The defense council should hang her head in shame for that assertion. Absolutely abhorrent stuff.


It’s not their place for sentiment i suppose - they have to discredit and create doubt in the prosecution case and witness.

its brutal and i wonder if in later life do they reflect on some of the cases they have defended on and realise they should have some ethics and not stoop so low.


Don’t think anyone disputes they can surely do this without launching into disgusting stuff like the above


agree - its a win at all costs attitude


In the UK, judges have to direct the jury to disregard any and all statements to this effect (or certainly that’s what a representative from the Dublin rape crisis centre indicated on the radio). this would remove this as a tactic because it has absolutely no relevance to the case.


Perspective: Just imagine that the victim is your Mother, Daughter, partner or wife and see if you think it is ok to talk about such things as some defence council might do.


A time to kill moment. One of the best lines ever in a movie!


I very much doubt it. Senior council are well educated and experienced people. They know exactly what they are doing and what the implications of it are. I see no reason whatsoever to extend them the benefit of the doubt, this was a cold calculated action. They seek to defend one person by destroying another, it is a repugnant vile way to earn a living. If you cannot make your case without resorting to the Trump level of discourse then you don’t have a case worth making.