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Why do so many organisations in Ireland continue to use the Royal prefix? I am not anti Windsors but this is a republic. It’s understandable for organisations based in the UK eg Royal Automobile Club or RNLI etc.

But the Royal College of Surgeons, Royal Dublin Golf Club, Royal Irish (no less) Academy of Music and many others??? Huh? Why?

Too many here still West Brits at heart.


RTE, also.


and Meath…


And the canal!




“Lord” Mayors…what a load of crap




That pisses me off too.

Read an article on the RNLI once. It’s members/volunteers were polled on a name change to remove the word Royal & they voted not too. Don’t really get it myself.


Sense of history?

The word Royal doesn’t make something evil. It’s used by other groups making reference to Ireland’s own kings. Including the GAA …
The Kingdom, The Royal County.


As most of these associations would have been originally set up by members of the Protestant Ascendancy, I’m gonna hazard a guess they were named to honour King George V & Co and not Pat Spillane or Colm O’Rourke’s great, great, great, great grandfather.

What about the RDS?

Is it a name that we are all happy to keep, as it’s just been called that for so long now, we couldn’t be arsed changing it? Or would we prefer it be renamed to just The Dublin Society?


It’s usually a handy pointer though.


There’s nothing ‘Royal’ about the Royal Dublin Society any more … or is there?

Use of Royal in the context of Meath and the High Kings is different. It refers to an Irish Royal past.

Where I have an issue is where we strive for independence over centuries and when we get it we still doff the hat to the figureheads of our past supressors. It’s not unlike James McLean’s battle.


Some people think they have a Real entitlement to Royalty.


We could call it the African Dublin society. That might be a bit less racist, no?


So, should we rename the Regal Cinema? Or perhaps it’s closed down. How about the Royal Garden Chinese takeaway? Should we rename a royal flush in poker a really great flush? Should a royal mess be just called a large mess? Should a Royale with Cheese be called a big cheese? :yum:




Don’t forget Freedom Fries.


Just watching Mick Wallace on TV speaking in Leinster House about builders and he says “I can’t for the life of understand why no-one give a bollocks”

It must not be one of the banned words in that kip.


The Sex Pistols case would lead you to imagine it’s not


The Royal Dublin Society ( RDS ) is the name given in 1820 to a philanthropic organisation which was founded as the ‘Dublin Society’ on 25 June 1731 to see Ireland thrive culturally and economically