Get It Off Your Chest


I always use the road from Clontarf to Howth cos I’m afraid of a Boeing 747 landing on me if I use the cycle lane.


The worst thing about the cycle lane is the cars in it.

I shit you not and this isn’t a one off either.


But that’s a taxi. The rules of the road don’t apply to them.

ps Was there anyone on that bike he ran over?


Is he not just proving a point? :rofl::wink:


That cycle way is lethal . If you were a first time visitor to there the markings are spaced apart far enough not to alert you to the fact it’s for cyclists. Also you have to walk across it to get to the pedestrian path. The cyclists on it are flying like it’s a sprint finish on the champs elysee. We should be encouraging more cycling for sure but for it to be done in a relaxed fashion like the Dutch do.


Any ye ever cycle the greenway in Mayo? Highly recommended


Yeah have done it but the surface is shite for a racer and you need to do it on a bike with thicker tyres as lots of loose stone on it.
Great scenery though


Yeh, with 2 kids in a trailer on a shitty rented bike, tough going!


That’s cos the Dutch are all outta their beans on gear!!


How they let this guy out?


Cars left parked on cycle lanes, pulling across cycle lanes to get out onto the road when they would have to wait anyway if they just held back for a moment, and so on. Cars and other vehicles cutting across in front of bikes when turning. Going past bikes on roads and leaving the bare minimum space between, and so on.


Part of the problem with cycle lanes is that generally they are not looked after. Lots of broken glass about which, on general roads, usually won’t affect car tyres but will make shit of cycle tyres.


Agreed but in this instance re the Greenway most of it isn’t tarmacked it’s actually a shale pathway with loads of loose stones/rocks.


red paint they put on the road gets really slippy in wet or frost also at that turn


This is fucking madness. Whilst it’s a good idea in theory the reality is it will cause chaos

No surprise to see that gobshite Cuffe banging the drum


Delighted to see this fucker move of the politics stage, glib and smarmy. No doubt he will be will be just as glib and smarmy in the banking world. A true blueshirt to the core.

And just to remind everyone what a CAUC he is.


A perfect example of why I would never ever, ever contemplate voting for the Blueshirts. He stands for everything I hate.


Yeah agree and I feel the same way. Him, Hogan and Varadkar all the same. I dispair at times that this is what this country is about when it comes to politics.


Fella on a bike today passed me on the right and zigged zagged his way around traffic while holding a phone to his head…I felt I like knocking him off da bike…

He deserves to be put through a windscreen


Hayes ran away from the battle, probably didn’t like the feeling last time out of having to wait until the early hours of the morning to be elected last on SF transfers!!!