Get It Off Your Chest


There’s uproar here over that one. Pure beaurocratic incompetence.


Paul is spitting blood over this one, how the Immigration minister doesn’t have the balls to reveal the reasons why that arsehole has been given residency says it all.


There’s shag all accountability for anything here. The easy-going culture thing covers a thousand ills


Is he hiding behind the “We don’t comment on individual cases” cloak?


It looks that way alright, mad to think that he won’t go into it. Obviously something very much stinks about it.


Cheeky ignorant prick

Delighted on two counts

  1. He lost the case

  2. He tripped over the Zimmer Frame


Just seeing this now

That’s brilliant but disappointed he didn’t have the dog with him.


This judge seems to have the right idea. See she threw out the case about the Romanians from tralee crashing the car too


Just flicked through the Sindo rag. What an awful plethora of cretins! The only one of them that isn’t totally deranged or filled with issues is Gene Kerrigan. Dudley Edwards…Harris…They should exhume Conor Cruise O Brien! Mad, angry birds, West Brits, neoliberals and rambling auld lads. And that Skehan lad? Jesus wept.


Why stop there? Brendan O’Connor, Eilis O’Hanlon, Jody Corcoran




Arsehole cyclists who absolutely barrel along the footpath. Only a matter of time before someone is killed by one of them. Has already happend in England


Sorry. I didn’t know it was you.


And those who think they own the road


Happened in reverse in the Phoenix Park about 2 yrs ago. Pedestrian in cycle lane


It wasn’t on a footpath. He was using an illegal bike.


I cycle on paths all the time. If roads were safer for cyclists, had proper bike lanes & asshole car drivers didn’t park their cars in them, maybe I wouldn’t have to be up on the path so much.
When on a path, I cycle at a snails pace & always give way to pedestrians, so ya’ll don’t be gettin’ ornery now.

(And no, there isn’t a ‘h’ there. Minds out of the gutter please.)


Irish cyclists…Worst in the world.


As a driver, that really pisses me off. Left turn before Goblet pub, cycle lane always blocked by Dominos pizza drivers.


There is a cycleway from Clontarf to Howth, on which you could land a Boeing 747…And still some cyclists use the road…And the cycle lane is so needlessly wide that no bus can pull in without stopping all of the traffic. That’s an example of pure cnutishness on the part of planners who hate cars. They put the boot in as much as they can, in their designs. Cyclists should be charged taxes at this stage. The next plan from the savants in DCC is to reduce Fairview to one lane for traffic and one each for buses and bikes. If they try that there will be anarchy. I hope it happens. This shit has gone too far.