Get It Off Your Chest


I won’t name him.
He was actually a decent (Gaelic) footballer in his late teens/early 20’s (had the physique for it, too) but would have become a heroin head, I’d imagine. To be honest, it’s probably a wonder he’sstill alive.


How the fook is he Irish??


Given citizenship and an Irish judge refused to extradite him to the US because she was afraid his human rights would be violated at a US Supermax prison…the man went to Spain and Spanish police quickly swooped and sent him to the US…that Irish judge should be ashamed of herself.

It’s worth noting when his 15 year stint is done ihe is free to return here.


Joke shop! These fookers play the human rights/race card whenever it suits them. The Spanish do it right! No fooking around there


Very nice people


Fair play to Seán for condemning it …


The hypocrisy that it’s some how ok for farmers to break the law but protesters that step out of line or that occupied empty properties are castigated.


He is about as Irish as a kebab.


Gosh. Is he that Irish? :wink:


Would it be OK for the owner of that property to come in and defend it against the occupiers?


Only if its occupied by Travellers, evil Arabs posing as Irish citizen or dole scroungers :wink:


And single mothers, don’t forget about them. :family_woman_girl_girl:


I did…dole scroungers.

And if the Nazi party don’t let me join, I’ll start my own :wink:


Sigh, I miss Rumours so much.


Jomangos. First Tuesday of the month!


Hang on…time of the month?

Well, Holy God, you’re a woman !

Fair play, you kept that well hidden.


Surely everyone knows/knew that @Iomaint is a woman??


It does explain A LOT now in fairness.

And don’t call me Shirley.


It was autocorrect, should have read Phil Babb


Yet my brother who has worked hard for 8 years for a reputable company as well as bringing in new business through extremely positive reviews on TripAdvisor has been denied residency twice because of minor breaches when he came home for too long in two consecutive years when his nephews were born. F**king joke!