Get It Off Your Chest


Much of this has nothing to do with racism, discrimination or anti this, that or the other. This is the reaction of hard working people, pushed to the pin of their collar and paying their contribution and their reaction to what they see happening with their taxes at both the top end and lower end of society,

The squeezed middle is a very large % of the population. Most have been to the well in the last decade or so, made the sacrifices and while things thankfully are improving they see the ‘entitled’ - at both ends - creaming it off again. Hopefully something will give.


Oh but that is their indigenous culture!


Are they fucking serious ?

"Man with an empty can of petrol and box of matches standing outside a burning house asks. ‘How did the house go on fire ?’ "


You’d have to wonder, wouldn’t you!


And who would blame them


Not just farmers, the area I am in D7 , crime is going through the roof, Guards either useless, off being corrupt somewhere and under staffed. Protect your own property.


More the later i would assume. anyway whats the point , Judges just let them back out again after they say sorry we wont do it again


I know of one such lurcher group who ‘operate’ out of east Meath - probably same. Very intimidating and well known to the Gardaí.


I overheard a woman wishing someone “Happy Halloween” ! In the pub on Sunday, people were dressed as if they had escaped from an asylum.


Maybe they had …

My missus has monsters and skeletons and bones all over the garden … and the kids in their 40s! I’d say she’s trying to create confusion for when she buries me there.

Anyways I was coming home late last night and this zombie thing sprang up at me right at the front door. If he wasn’t already dead he fcukin is now.


After her waiting up for ya and all, you ungrateful shite.


What were you doing in The Concorde?


Red alert!


Red alert indeed, poxy m50 choc o block southbound.


Ha! Supersonic effort there fella. Yuuugene!!


Hunting season opens on Nov 1st…


As Neil Diamond used to sing “Forever in Eugene’s”.

If you look up The Concorde on Google Maps and look at pictures uploaded and scroll down to the one of a certain Edenmore denizen about to take a pool shot…


Who he?


Never knew they had a spa on site… (**ducks) (that’s ducks btw, not :duck: :duck:, in the posting parlance of our times)


Another embarrassing episode for the Irish legal system. Well done to the Spanish and US officials.