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Excellent post. Cúnt of an organization aided abetted by the CAUC Noonan.


He got €90 fcuking grand!! This country is the pits …


If he owns the homes he can do what he likes with them…no? It’s up to government to provide social housing to those who needs it.


Agreed. If I decide to get into the holiday letting game & buy a few properties to rent out to tourists, does that automatically make me a greedy, selfish ba$tard? It’s a business. Like any other. It’s not up to me to solve the nation’s supply of social housing. Am I automatically a bad person for thinking like that? What about someone who owns 5 holiday lets in Tramore, or Bundoran? Are they selfish bastards too?

It is very heavily legislated in tourist destination cities like New York, so that property owners can not remove rental housing stock for locals, in favour of the more lucrative short term holiday let’s. If the government here, are bringing in similar legislation, then so be it.

But blaming the current housing shortage on property owners is mad. If the government want to provide roofs over peoples heads, then they should be the ones building them & providing them. It shouldn’t be up to private businesses to do so.


Eh no, and I’ll tell you why. There has been a massive shift of wealth to the 1% in the last 20years. Google it. Therefore the rich can outbid the poor for every property. Soon the rich will own all property. Do you want that? Do you own your own home? Do you think others should have that right? There is provision in our constitution for the state to act in the common good. The Blueshirts never will but FF and SF might. We need to build houses, buy back houses (Epo style) from the vultures and LET these on a long term basis to people who need homes.


Does Johnny Ronan still own Treasury House?


The top X% (can’t remember exactly what X is but it’s pretty low) also pay the vast majority of tax income in this country. If someone works hard and is wealthy on the back of it, then good luck to them.
Everybody does have a right to own a home, but to avail of that right you need to work hard which some people aren’t prepared to do.


Another grasping at straws exercise from minister Murphy. Lay the blame for homelessness on Airbnb. Some people operate Airbnb as a business. But many others do Airbnb because of mortgage arrears and negative equity. The money they are getting is helping them from becoming homeless or the victim of vulture funds. It is a means to an end.Not sure how criminalizing these folk will help solve homelessness. Tourism will also suffer as a result. With Brexit around the corner ( whether hard or soft) lets attack our tourism industry by making it even less attractive to our near neighbors to visit here. I wonder have the government considered actually building up the housing stock instead of just talking about it.


roughly the top 20% pay 80% of income tax I think and the top 10% may be in and around 50%


Can I ask how not being able to let a 2nd home will result in someone becoming homeless? People will still be able to let their own principal residence without restriction


You did not answer the central tenet of my post…because you can’t. Here is an interesting hypothesis on what the future may bring:


Many people with a second property funded the purchase with mortgages raised on the back of the equity of their principal home (when your friendly bank love bombed you with letters urging that you buy a second property because your house has increased so much in value that it was the only right thing to do. You don’t want to be left behind, do you?) So you get the 2nd property using your principal home as collateral. Next comes the crash and both your properties have lost 40/50% of their value. You are in negative equity. So you can’t pay mortgage on both . The tenant in the 2nd property can rent elsewhere for €250 a month cheaper. You reduce his rent as, if he leaves you won’t get any more from a new tenant. You can’t pay back both mortgages anymore so you stop paying the second and fall into arrears. This continues for a few years then Airbnb becomes an option. It pays better and just about keeps the bank from selling both properties from under you. You are still in negative equity and are starting to see daylight. But only because the Airbnb is bringing in substantially more income than a long term let. By being forced back into the traditional rental market you will have a much reduced income, leading to the possibility of your mortgages being foreclosed by the bank or sold on to a vulture fund . Next stop , the street.


Highly highly highly unlikely. Rents are soaring.



They should appeal the ■■■■ out of that


Aye … more money for the legal people. Sometimes you wonder who’s scamming who …


He went from 2 % to 21 % after his rant about travellers

RTÉ exit poll suggests Higgins to be re-elected



I feel he was saying as how most people feel. In an un PC manner. I say he was spot on from my experience of the aforementioned Irish people.


Read brenda power in the sunday times just now - and i wouldn’t be a fan of Margaret cash - but at 12 she was taken out of of school and married at 15 !! FFS that is child abuse pure and simple and traveller "culture " allows and encourages this .How long this 'debate ’ about travellers place within irish society lasts is anyone’s guess but i think it will just fizzle out .


I’m all for culture, diversity and live and let live. But it’s a two-way street …