Get It Off Your Chest


A lot of is is fuelled by the BNP, Britain First, etc. If they had their way and eliminated all forms of Islam from the UK, they’d turn their attention on blacks or Irish or other Asians. It wasn’t long after the Brexit vote that a Polish man was beaten to death in Essex and a Polish Community Centre in Hammersmith was vandalised.
And this isn’t a white-British issue, either. It is present in lots of countries.



Far right scumbags will be pulling themselves off


Squeamish effwits!


Just the job to bring with you to a packed bar… open it and wait


Did you record yourself tasting this before? Or something else, or did you just share a video?
TO be fair that video was funny, I love watching people wretch. Its the lad from Rory’s stories in it


Should this not be on the Get It Off Your Stomach thread?


Batteries are dead in the remote control for the telly and I can’t change the channel. It’s stuck on fucking gymnastics. Grrrrr…


You lazy lazy baxtard!


Men & Motors channel?


[quote=“beeko, post:439, topic:64”]
Men & Motors channel?
[/quote]Jaysus, now there is a channel from the past!


Yeah, there was a video of me and my Finnish pal getting stuck into a tin of the stuff.

For some unfathomable reason, the girl that made the video didn’t include the part where I drank a wine glass of the grey liquid from the tin.


Tough aul’ station, dih.


Kelvin MacKenzie. What a cünt.


Leopard never changes it’s spots


Shocking. No doubt the scumbags that done it will be caught sentenced and then ‘rehabilitated’ in prison. While the victims family will stay the victims.


I’m finding it increasingly difficult to follow arguments on this site. There I am on a thread nodding away in agreement with someone and the next time I look they are arguing the opposite. Or lobbing in fake news and fake facts. Or countering things that were never said. Or stating something as fact with no evidence. And then I’m disagreeing with them. But the next day they could flip flop again.

I is very confused now. Maybe it’s just me …


Example of this ‘fake news’ (Aidos diaries don’t count)


You are talking complete bollox and that is a fact!


Easter … eh …


Got a LEAP card for one of the kids . Jesus , the application is bad enough but then when you get the card in post , you then register it online and transfer funds onto it . But you’re not finished ! LEAP verification of your bank details is another step - they transfer a few cents to your bank and the numbers and data of that transaction are then entered into the … ’ manage my top up’ …

If you look skywards tonight you might see a cat in orbit . It’s the neighbours .

And whilst you’re waiting , you are told about all the things you can do with your LEAP card . In English . And Irish . Then 30 seconds of silence . Then all over again .