Get It Off Your Chest


They picked some random guy instead.


Open goal, really… even Ronnie Rosenthal would have scored that one.



Destroy 2 lives and probably drastically affect a number of others and what do you get…a mere 6 years…i will never understand the leniency of the juducial system in cases like these.


Sickening. How the ■■■■ does he only get 6 years? How? What a complete monster. Deserved to be plugged.


The Nally approach would be most apt here.


50 50,??


50-50-ish, a rough estimate I was guessing at whether the outcome of the trial was murder/manslaughter or not. “who was to blame” was a poor choice of words. Robbery/intimidation was clearly the intruder “to blame”.


Fucking chancer


I see another Dundon clan member is jailed for gun possession…now there is a family I would gladly wipe out and execute every last one of them…they don’t deserve to breath the same air as us…terrorized Limerick for years…killed innocent people…utter scum.

Even the most PC bleeds heart wouldn’t argue against the death penalty for those types.


Prime Time tonight is fucking scandalous. Once again the HSE should be absolutely ashamed of themselves but they won’t


Anyone see the video and pics doing the rounds of what happened would be burglars in Mexico? The homeowners weren’t messing about there.


Tough watch. I’d say the homeowners weren’t on the right side of the law there either


There are people on here who would disagree with you.


I don’t know about that.


There is no accountability in this country. Nobody ever looses their job or is jailed in positions of power.


Yup, unless your the taxpayer that partied to hard.


20 properties!!! Go fùck yourself pal and stop hiding behind the Govts failings. Greedy pricks like you exacerbate the problem


Anything goes over there though in fairness !


Agreed. However, the massive elephant in the room is NAMA, the neoliberal wet dream. NAMA has sold a huge amount of Irish housing stock at knock down rates to U.S. vulture funds. These funds are now buying apartment blocks off the plans! They do not want the state to build houses so it has done it’s best not to. This is the blue shirt economic philosophy in action. The legislation exists for EPOs to be carried out by the state to take back those houses for the money that was paid for them. Then there would be plenty of houses. However it chooses not to. These are the issues that are deliberately kept out of the press. You won’t see them on Prime Time.