Get It Off Your Chest


Nally never wanted the attention…and no there should be no statue to him but his legacy should
be as a man who fought back and did what he had to do.

For me…It’s not a hatred against travelers but rather one against scumbags who terrorize people in their homes.

The state failed Nally…the man he killed had over 100 previous convictions and should never had been walking around.


I have no idea what the half man half biscuit nonsense is all about. Travellers commit much crime and I don’t like them. Prison officers and Guards know well that a disproportionate amount of crime, particularly nasty crime, is down to them. Of course the figures are hidden, due to The pc brigade. You are an apologist for traveller crime and I firmly believe that you are in a minority. Simple as that.


The mistake Nally made was he reloaded the gun during the incident. The state argued that the act of reloading showed a degree of premeditation, the suggestion being that if he had just fired the gun once (or twice), it was probably a shotgun, initially it could have been an instinctive reaction to being robbed, but when he took time to reload it showed an intent to harm. Personally speaking I can well understand what he did, a frightened old man that had been consistently targeted by these gangs just snapped, having seen some of the victims of these agressive home invaders as they are called, I’d probably have done similar in his shoes. As Mayoman said it’s not an anti traveller thing, just an anti scumbag thing. If it was a carload of Dublin 4 college graduates that committed some of these crimes I wouldn’t shed a tear if someone shot them too.


Agree about it should be about how criminality etc dealt with regardless of who but inevitably the angle here can’t be ignored either.
I just read more of the details. If I was in Nally position, based on what I’ve read, I’d have been afraid of Ward, and believe he was stealing from me, and was a dangerous person. I’d be prepared to defend myself, especially living alone. I know farmers and have stayed on small rural farms, its a hardy life and you have to be able to be quite self sufficient.

However the evidence suggests two major things to me. No evidence that Ward was actually threatening harm to Nally til (presumably) after he was shot the first time, so why the second shooting, from seemingly close when Ward already down.
Also if he intended threat or harm to Nally, why did his dad not be part of it?

Secondly it appears Nally was becoming or already was mentally unwell, therefore more likely to act in an extreme manner. But he is not reported to have been diagnosed, under diagnostic examination, or on treatment.
As ever the gun question has to come into it. Does possession mean more likely people get shot? Well I don’t think there’s been many cases like this since, has there? So maybe the evidence, in rural Ireland anyway, is not.


It’s a great band.
I accept your second point.
How does my attempted discussion of my belief of things not being as black and white as you seem them make me an apologist? If anyone who won’t agree entirely with what you say (on a very constant basis) is just to be labelled pc, bleeding heart and apologist then it means you’re not open to discussion at all really.
I respect your beliefs though, and your honesty and lack of personal abusiveness in this post.


Agree with nearly all of that but if I wasn’t paranoid I’d probably avoid killing in this instance. Easy to say not being there but we’re discussing how law will judge.

Also he was 60, not old dude! :confused:


I’m off for a quick cry and thence to confession. It’s humbling to meet such a good person. I know I’m too abusive and my therapist has warned me not to call people things like Ned Flanders …and I’m working hard on that. Night so Ned.


Ah go an shoite so ya bollix! :crazy_face:


I deserved that!


I get your point but he quite possibly was paranoid given the amount of times he had been robbed previously, but as you said, it’s not what we think but how the law will judge these incidents.
As for his age, when I was doing the leaving in 1982 I thought 60 was ancient, these days however my opinion, much like yours, has been reassessed on such matters.


It comes to us all! If we’re lucky to make it…


Bleedin heart apologist!!!

As Wayne said, we’ve all learned to be better people… Not!!


No the mistake made was leaving a witness.

In all seriousness think Casey is a bit of a joke candidate but he has tapped into trump thing. Large swathes of Ireland is not being represented by a pc legal class of commentary that doesn’t allow a spade to be called a spade.

If a cynical element were to tap into it they will gain some traction.


If a cynical element taps into the widespread calling a spade the problem attitude that is gathering and tolerated/the new normal more than for a long time the last few years then there will equally be a problem. It’s not rocket science, polarisation is a result of all forces. The USA and the UK situations have shown how quickly a new ‘reality’ can become accepted.
It will take its course as every era does, hard to stop a major movement and shift anyway. Overall the biggest issue is really that humans have used and wasted and spoilt so much that its got to a major shift on a big scale being inevitable. And the balance of power in the world is going to be very different in 10 years time and beyond to what it was 20-100 years ago or so, or longer. Who or what and where will the new empire be, China? Plus SE Asia plus parts of SAmerica and bits of Africa?
Or just the biggest oligarchs and corps around the world? If we’re all still here that is…


Nally I would argue was mentally unstable at the time of the shooting and therefore not responsible for his crimes. “It was him or me” were Nallys words in court. He was afraid if he didn’t kill him at that point he would be back for him.

I am not a million miles away from that area and Ward terrorized him for a long time, stealing and trespassing. There was a brutal murder years ago in Charlestown and Ward was a suspect but they never had enough evidence.

I was young at the time but I remember the shooting/or court case happened around the time the Corrib Gas contravery and the Nally case added to tension locally. There was even worries the Connacht final that year was going to include a pitch invasion and sit down protest…all hearsay.

I own a gun myself, god forbid I ever have to use it on a human being, but if it’s life or death, then yes I would use it.


Also what does not sit easy with me in this country is the following…a homeowner gets killed by an intruder…ah well how terrible everyone thinks but sure that’s life.

A homeowner killed an intruder and the whole country looses its mind…

Defies logic. There are dozens of cases in the US EVERY week of homeowners successfully defending their home and family yet it never gets reported in Irish media? Yet nearly every shooting that goes wrong is…why?


Hunting ?


That was brutal and how that man was left like he was for days was horrific.

I only heard recently that Ward was a suspect in this case but I had always heard it was travellers.


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Yeah, but knowing their luck in finals, their sniper would probably shoot wide in the 76th minute & take out one of their own.