Get It Off Your Chest


Culture etc…


Send them to Texas and try it…bang bang


or Mayo



Padraig Nally :+1:


Cúnt should rot in jail.


Whatever about rogue private developments etc surely there is a rigorous assessment of large capital builds such as schools right throughout the process? Looks like not … Crazy shit altogether … :imp:


How the ■■■■ is this not the case already

Speaking of which

Our nomadic tribe are an awfully unlucky group of people. They seem to be disproportionately affected by accidents


Yeah I was thinking that myself. Maybe we need a priest to bless them.

They have necks like jockeys bollixes

"When cross-examined by Conor Kearney, counsel for the taxi driver, all four told the court they had stepped out of the taxi after medics ruled out any possibility of spinal injury."


There was a few cases here a few years ago where they would break hard and let a car ram up behind them…sore necks then etc etc




I knew of someone who took the employers of someone who gently ran into the back bumper of his car in very icy conditions for a €10,000 insurance claim. He was one of our settled community. You don’t hear much about the ethnicity of the likes of him on here, because he’s an ethnic majority I suppose


In the paper this morning that she was originally looking for €4m based on her injuries, needs and lost earning potential…

Fucking wagon


earning potential? touched cloth laughing at that.


Do you never get vertigo up there on the high moral ground? #buildthemastables


Says the pot! I don’t get the constant emphasis of certain posts when another angle to the angst exists. #scapegoatersdontshave


You just keep polishing your halo and all will be well. Healing the world is a big task but you’re a tough kid. If you can keep the truth out of the equation, you’ll be half way there. What’s your stance on Paraic Nally by the way?


Len Ganley. Everybody’s doing it. Don’t worry about me, I’ve never been right since me ma got married to a guy called McVittie.


When you’ve composed yourself, don’t run away from the question. Should Nally have been gaoled for what he did? I won’t hide. I think he is a hero. There should be a statue to him. So what do you think?


Ha ha, yer gas. You turn an attempt at discussion from a rant to abuse, change the subject, then try to tell me I’m avoiding you. Yer about as composed as any of my attempts at making music.
I’ll go read up on Nally, I don’t know/can’t remember the story. But while I’m doing that reflect on the fact that you assumed I knew it, and that I’d have a certain stance on it.
And any person who doesn’t recognise Half Man Half Biscuit is dead to me really.


OK I remember it now. It was not a black and white issue, as ever. Depends how much threat to life was there. How much was down to revenge for previous wrongdoings etc. I don’t know. What would I do in same situation? Obviously if I felt in fear of my life I’d do what I had to do. If not I believe its murder or at best manslaughter and sentencing depending on level of aggravation/intimidation etc.

My question for you remains the same, why so constantly fixated on traveller-related crimes, stories etc? And why accuse anyone who disagrees with you or tries to have a discussion as bleeding heart etc? Is it all just one big wind-up? If it is then keep up the good work.