Get It Off Your Chest


Food Stamps in States or in Ireland the aul Butter Vouchers…didn’t work. Shops just took them like cash…in exchange for smokes or whatever


A credit card would work differently. Everything is computerised and if the credit cards couldn’t process against particular barcodes it would stop a lot of it.


Food stamps do work. They won’t scan for booze, fags etc.

If some dodgy shopkeepers will let you swap them for stuff you shouldn’t be able to buy on them, fair enough. But if all the major supermarket chains, petrol stations, off licenses and Spar/Centra/Mace type shops (all with modern check outs and bar code systems) get on board, you’d eliminate a lot of dodginess. What % of people do their grocery shopping at ‘Open All Hours’ kinds of shop anymore?


Yeah agreed Food stamps do work, I meant the old butter vouchers didn’t work…with modern tills etc you would think it’s much easier to police now alright


There is no way in hell a lot of our new politicians would allow this kind of thing. Not a hope.


Not when some of them still have ownership of public houses.


Dog walkers who don’t pick up their dogs shite.


Especially when you roll a buggy through it


yep , golf greens are the worst .


Two young polish nationals who last year in Claremorris, assulted a Garda Officer on the street last week got you guessed it…community service.

The incident shocked locals but there is anger at their punishment. At the very least they should be kicked out of the country. Unacceptable.


What’s their nationality got to do with anything. There is fùck all conquences for anyone who attacks the emergency services.


I think it is relevant. They should be deported. It would happen in many countries.


They can’t be kicked out of one member state of the EU, if they are from another EU state, which they are. We’re not in control of our own borders anymore. Free movement of people, goods and services blah blah blah…


Agree. But stuff like that doesn’t happen.


Wonderful isn’t it? We off load all our gsngters to the Costa and in return we get law abiding citizens.


There shouldn’t be unrestricted movement of people anywhere. By the way any Irish person that Commits a serious crime abroad should be locked up and deported too.

In the US you can infact be k Ike’s out of a state. Even in Ireland you can get banned from a town.


Eh, ok Nigel. :uk:


Haha was waiting for that. I’m no Nigel. You reckon their should be no borders anywhere?


Hill 16 is Dublin only!


Mayoman, you are right. It’s bollocks of the highest order.