Get It Off Your Chest


That poor fella passed away. RIP. Out for a fucking jog, the dirt bag that done it will probably never get caught.


Apparently someone has come forward to assist Gardai in the matter . A van was found burnt out near Parnells club ,shortly after the incident ( from Ir Times).


Jack Nealons on Capel St closing down in mid April for good . Another good Dublin pub gone


Ah no, no! Noooo!!


Because the shitebag that is Ryan Turbrdiy is worth it. And what would we do without Dancing with the Stars, yes the stars. Another tax simple as that. cúnts/


Spot on.


Think RTE is not awake to the fact that the station in all its entities are so far back as to in danger of becoming irrelevant. Don’t know a teenager who knows anything about 2FM, radio , music etc. The news standard from RTE is poor, and lacks edge and depth. Sport is the only time I tune in to it at all.

why do they have to sell the land to a third party anyway -why dont they do a joint venture, and get a share of the rent of offices/apartments/houses ? That way they get an annual stream of money and don’t blow it all at once


They should do a lot of things. But it really is just the mouth piece of who ever is in government. They are have a sense of entitlement that would leave you bewildered… Dancing with the stars what a pile of shite. And we are paying for this.

And the new head of RTE doing her little kite flying saying the license fee should eb double, what planet are they living on?


No accounting for taste, I enjoy a lot of their products. I loved and was addicted to Love Hate and think it was brilliant television, I look forward to a lot of their productions like room to improve, their sports shows, the news and weather and actually think they do a good job.Some of their productions around the centenary last year was magnificent. The late late and Ray Darcy show can f**k right off mind you! It is the first channel I turn on if I am at home of an evening and the kids are in bed.

I am of course not in favour of doubling the licence fee, but I do think it’s a very good service.


Everyone likes to give RTE a good kicking, myself included. But they do sport very well, even if some of the presenters and commentators would drive you up the walls. TV3’s efforts are bland and cheap looking in comparison. It must be said!


Noted. But the issue I have here is that they have enough revenue streams without lobby their favourite party to introduce ‘another tax’. But to compare them to TV3 who have a qtr of their workforce and budget is not a fair comparison. RTE for their PSO get a lot of money that is spend on arseholes like Turbridy and the like. If you ■■■■ up in a job there you just get moved around.


They get well paid for it. Have one of the most expensive land banks in the country. A bit of imaginative thinking as suggested by @dubincork could solve a few problems for them. They are simply a dinosaur with with high expectations.


Lads - its worth it for ‘up for the match’


Without a doubt!


Well good luck paying your laptop tax for that one.


I’d rather have the house full of kids on Skittles wrecking the joint, than watch that.


Jesus this is my gaff nearly every flecking saturday!

Have to say I very rarely if ever tune in RTE. If it was its to goggle at Claire Byrne. had to sit through the Toy show with the kids and watch the arsehole of arseholes talk from his ivory tower about santa finding ‘homeless kids’. Really this is the best we can produce? And yes I pay for my damn license every year and I begrudge the fuckers every penny.


Hate crimes … insidious …


Speaking of which :

That rag has no fucking shame


When you hear racism and anti immigrant sentiment in the UK you think of Farage and his buddies and the BNP etc. But as can be seen from the weekend attack - and I’m not being funny here - not everything is black and white. On the basis that there are far more decent people in society than scumbags, bigots, criminals, gangsters etc we don’t half let this minority f**k it up on us …:unamused: