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is there any financial penalty to people on welfare who’s children miss an inordinate amount of school days?


No. But there should be.


There has to be ways to reduce the attractiveness of welfare without necessarily reducing the payments. Surely all monthly bills should be paid direct from the weekly amount and you are left with a certain amount, some of which can be only be spent on food, etc. There is no way someone on welfare should be able to smoke 20 a day and drink. I know this isn’t everyone on welfare but if you had to work to have the freedom to smoke and drink it might encourage a few more off the system


Some of the stuff the welfare pays for is nuts. I know a girl who had a boob job paid for by social welfare. It sounds too ridiculous to be true but it is. It’s more complicated than just rocking in and asking for a boob job obviously but it was paid for on mental health grounds as her current set were getting her down! (excuse the pun).


Ah here gtfo


Wouldn’t be surprised.


Listen if I didn’t know her I wouldn’t believe it either. This one though is some woman, has everything off to a tee, worked out the exact number of kids that was most beneficial to have… for example, she told us you get the same size house with 3 or 4 kids (a 3 bed) so after her third she had the coil put in. She would’ve needed 5 kids to qualify for a bigger house but didn’t fancy two more!

A friend of mine (who was also on the dole) hooked with her and she pointed out a load of things he was ‘entitled to’ but wasn’t claiming. Absolutely nothing wrong with this fella except he couldn’t have been arsed getting up early to work or doing shifts so stayed on the scratcher for 4 years!


Hope she said thanks for the mammaries …

ps That story should be on a Get It On Your Chest thread …


Good job she had the coil in!!


Would they pay for a penis enlargement?

I’m asking for a “friend”.





I’m no mass goer but I think there is something spiritual out there. Friend of mine worked in a house a few years ago…apparently built on or near a burial ground. They laid a timber floor and all the nails were pushed back up when they returned in the morning…this repeated again and again…house is still empty and for sale…maybe that homeless wan with the 5 kids will move in


This is what they do in the UK


That all sounds well and good except I don’t see any distinction being made between the honest Joe Soap fallen on hard times for a couple of years and our beloved welfare scrounger who flies to Vegas 8 times a year, while smoking and drinking heavily, not bothering to send their kids to school despite having a gaff for free, 12 buggies and two BMWs.

There might be a small lesson on tarring everybody with the same brush in there somewhere.


I believe in Germany when on welfare you get a special credit type card that will only allow you to buy essentials not holidays or drink etc


simple and their needs are looked after and not luxuries


In fairness in my world drink (as Fr Jack would say) is an absolute necessity!


Wonder will happen callinan now. Unreal all the same that this can happen.


Not unreal at all. Are you surprised? I’m only surprised that it has been exposed.


I’ve been saying this for years

You could walk from the top of O’Connell St to Stephens Green and not come across a Garda on foot patrol. Not a hope you’d go that far without seeing a cop on foot patrol in the likes of Paris, Rome, Berlin, Munich etc…