Get It Off Your Chest


Ah ■■■■ off. Why not build stables in your garden for their horses?


F.uck off yerself. I’ve said that above, look up the meaning of compromise. And the meaning of debate while yer at it


Even if it’s in Mayo?


So you can say what you want, but anyone who doesn’t agree is a bleeding heart. Then you’ll claim you can’t say what you want. Yep that’s a pretty solid logic, hard to argue against it anyway.


Any reference to her 'activities ’ has disappeared off google as well as why her husband was locked up


The PC insanity has made it impossible to tell the truth.


You’d be so lucky :wink:


But you’re telling anything you want here, so why all this crying about not being able to talk? And whatever about our truth here, since when did the Indo of all things suddenly become the bastion of truth and balance?

I’ve dealt with plenty of scumbags and unbelievable frauds in my line of work by the way, you wouldn’t believe some of the stories I could tell you!


Haha ,here is one .Worked with a guy years ago nick named 'jimmy the jew ',anyway he managed to rob a set of top of the range nike golf clubs from work ,he then raffled them off in his local on the pretence that they were for his mate’s son who had an incurable disease and was sending him to lourdes !!! A mate of mine actually showed me the raffle tickets.A special place in hell waiting for the little bollix


I could tell you the story of a traveller woman, recently in the news, who has over 6 figures in her bank and times that under her mattress

But I can’t as she could sue me. And have John Connors accusing me of being a racist, meanwhile a gang full of Cash have robbed homes and sold drugs…


Don’t get me wrong, I have no time for her or her mates.The holes in her story and her wastefulness of social welfare should not be a reflection upon a very serious issue of homelessness and extremely high rental market where people are struggling. You all might be ok, in decent jobs and own a house etc, but there are many out there struggling daily, and in my opinion will only get worse and when the next crash happens we are in a very difficult position.


That’s because of neoliberalism.


Yeah … and we all got handed them. FFS …

So we should guilty about working hard and making our own sacrifices and paying tax? Would you ever do one …


An Irish woman once had a whole team of us convinced that she had an ectopic pregnancy as part of twins, that one was miscarried, the other ectopic (still in situ but dead). And that she was suicidal. In the process of that she had convinced her partner that she had to go to England to bury the second dead foetus, in the family plot, once it was delivered/removed. And that he should give her the 3000 euro to do that… (he was a fairly naive immigrant who was too polite to have challenged her much on her stonewalling of him - refused to let him come to the apointments in the maternity unit etc).

We uncovered the plot when we (after a long process) got permission to contact the maternity hospital that she was attending. Not surprisingly she disappeared right then. Her job as manager of a hospitality team at a big hotel was probably also bogus, at a wild guess. To put the icing on it I was the one who was left to deal with her because the women in the team all got weak knees with the original story!


Would I ever do one what? That doesn’t sound like Dublin speak … an outsider?

Like most, I have worked full time since I left school, never took a penny from anyone, but I see the housing and homeless issue as a crises that is going to get worse and when the next crash comes there will be no funding to build the crises will blow up, there will be another crash and it will be the worst since the inception of capitalism.

There are plenty of people in my job who work extremely hard and long hours that are struggling monthly due to the cost of rent and living, one colleague had to live in a B & B for a few weeks because that person couldn’t find a place to rent. Technically homeless.

What I meant by the comment you quoted, just because you are a homeowner doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have empathy for homeless families or homeless people in general, the middle earners struggling with rent etc, its a real issue, and people are living month to month struggling.


Or am I too liberal for you all to have empathy form my fellow man, when I see a young women sleeping under cardboard in a part of the city which was voted in the top 30 best places to live on the planet recently.


Your right we should have empathy. I have family, friends, good honest people, with decent jobs and good salaries and will probably never own house. Ms. Cash for me represents that group of people who think the ‘gubberment’’ and the taxpayer owe them absolute everything. House, money and a bonus at Christmas. The truth will come out about her Im sure.


[quote=“OldSchool2, post:4142, topic:64”]
What I meant by the comment you quoted, just because you are a homeowner doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have empathy for homeless families or homeless people in general,[/quote]

As someone who works 40+ hours a week, commutes another 10 and has a large mortgage and pays all bills I don’t consider myself lucky to have a house - or job. Yes i might be ‘ok’ as you put it but I work damn hard to be ok and I don’t apologise for it. I never said anything about empathy - not relevant.

The biggest problem I see in this country is attitude. You have this sense of entitlement at both ends of society while the rest pay. And it’s too easy to blame it on politics.


I see it everyday and I ask myself how the ■■■■ did we get to this. And then I see them two ■■■■■ smiling like lords at yesterday budget (Murphy, Varadker) and a rage boils inside me that makes me want to rip them apart.


You shouldn’t apologise for it and I do agree that there is a lot of people claiming social entitlements that are fit for work and 2. have wasted it and took the piss, but you cant paint them all with the same brush.

Personally I have no time for people who are fit to work but choose not too, I.E people with no dependents like Children who just choose to sit at home and claim and live week to week on it, but that’s not the case for all of them, there are working families out there struggling, how long can it last until its becomes epidemic levels. They say that for most, your only one pay check away from being homeless, I don’t believe that is right in any society. Not in a country like ours anyway.