Get It Off Your Chest


Fair fucks to the council. Standing up to this bollox


Well I supposedly I was wrong Al. Its usually the case that councils cave into these demands.


Was watching this last night on TV , the consulate let turkish tv into the building , a saud who was showing them aroundi was opening cuboards and presses to show them he wasn’t hiding anywhere , it would be comical if it wasn’t so sinister


Nobody should be given a house for nothing. These “travelers” claims they need housing but yet have brand new transit vans etc…probably loaded with stolen goods. It’s a con job but sure in this PC world you can’t say anything about them.


Be careful Mayoman. There are bleeding-hearts liberals on here who won’t like you storming in and telling the truth! (P.S.if you ever need some tools, there is a great market in Balbriggan. All kinds of stolen tools for sale)


First rule of PC love club - you don’t tell the truth.


That’s the thing with our indigenous nomads, you get very, very few defending them. Probably because of our experiences or maybe not. I don’t know really.


Was going to say that this was straight out of father ted’s bishop brennan , but he would have laughed his hole at this mad ■■■■■■■.


Guy is mentally ill.


Apart from her 50k per annum freebie between children’s allowances and welfare. The sense of entitlement is fcuking stunning. It’s mad Ted!


And it’ll go on and on through the generations because nothing will be done about it. Depressing


I feel for her kids but what’s her story? Why can’t she work and why did she have so many kids? I guess it’s society and us middle class workers have to pick up the tab




Sick of the sight of that lady. Another facet of why our system is fucked up.


And it will alll come out in the wash just how broke she is too!


She was the face of the ‘Raise The Roof’ march last week. Still can’t believe the organisers of these things have her front and centre


6 7 kids? Partner out of prison? No doubht she will get the four bedroom forever house beside her oul dear soon enough. Hopefully then she will go away.


It’s actually beyond belief. What do we want? Houses with some land and stables for our horses. When do we want it? Now. If you don’t give it to us, you are discriminating.

(But you used to refuse to live in houses??)


If you refuse a house you should be struck off the waiting list


Clearly you can say whatever you want. By the way, I agree there’s no way people should get extra land etc with homes as well, it needs to be earned. I disagree with the way it’s used as an excuse to be abusive etc. I suppose the litmus test of the issue in developments like this is are people then choosing to stay where they are instead of taking the houses? And is the reporting of it accurate?
Whatever about the housing list, if really good homes are turned down to remain in a less good home over an issue like this then there’s something more to it than lowest common denominator.
Redevelopments and new developments in lots of places these days are designed to be the best arrangement possible for that particular community. However with the cost of land etc there has to be compromise on the part of those who want to live there.