Get It Off Your Chest


Fair enoughski.


I like the word ‘compromise’ in these situations. We can give you a brand new house, at no cost to you from year to year, your forever house, in return we might not be able to give you all that your culture so desires. We respect that your culture is important to you. Can you meet us half way? Yes brilliant. No. Well what do you do?


I find it beyond the beyond that people who spent years refusing to live in houses, now demand them…once there is a small farm attached. They can fcuk up.


Cant get me head around it. I would imagine Pavee point will be out shortly to criticise the council for not meeting the cultural rights of these families.


Yes. Michael Mc Donagh will be on to give us a lecture. He won’t mention crime, tax or any of that pesky stuff though.


Michael Collins. Think he was the chap who used to be in Glenroe


Its Michael Collins. He is a very smart guy and has done huge work for the travelling community. Does my head in though when he defends the indefensible, like sulky racing. And thinks the answer is to ‘give’ them land to do it.


Who the fùck does this :rage:


Hammers and bats are the only answer to people who are cruel to animals.


Yes - nobody likes bats - horrible nocturnal creatures


Yes that should solve the problem.


It certainly will, in the immediate term in any given case. Difficult to harm an animal when you are being fed through a drip. Might deter others too!


Common sense prevails.


Hay, that’s great news!


fair play to that council for standing their ground.


Those houses will end up vandalised… wait for it.


Yeah, They should move families in that want them.


I can’t see many people wanting to move in to these houses when they’re across the road from the people they were built for


You would be surprised.


Thought you said they’d definitely get what they supposedly demanded?