Get It Off Your Chest


How much?


€80.00. Halfords sell them and they are calibrated to Irish and EU standard


My brother had to blow into the bag last night.

His chips were too hot.


Dub09 last weekend


Sweet suffering Jesus this is absolutely horrific

Pity this won’t be the outcome for the prepatrator


Really lads? ■■■■ that give them to folks who want them.


Cheeky ■■■■■. I’d love my own gaff never mind one with ‘a stable and a bit of land’ and these lads are refusing them because of “their culture”. They’ll probably get it and all in the end


Yeah don’t wanting to be upsetting any etnic minorities in modern day Ireland now do we.

While in the real world other tax paying etnic minorities would be laughed out the door for making such demands.


Just beyond belief really.


Welcome to Ireland.


My Jeysus. I didn’t open the link, but are their demands actually being entertained??


Well if they are, we might as well just pack up and give up. Because this country is truly Donal ducked.


They are negotiating with the council over it.


And will probably get it and someone else’s expense. Half an acre for their horses. Couldn’t make it up. It really sucks been part of an ethnic majority in this country.


I get the impression the whole 2 Million+ development is already at the taxpayers expense.

Last week we heard talk of putting homeless families on decommissioned ships in Dublin Port … today we read that 2 million+ has been spent to house one family and they still aren’t happy. Does this kind of madness happen in any other country I wonder?!


All of those comments are racist, classist and other ists as well!


And no settled person ever turned down a council house.


We got a council house back in the seventies. But no half acre of land or a stable and imo that’s fucking discrimination.


I detest all forms of racism and bigotry. However, people need to realise that time waits for no man. The way people live needs to adapt. Unfortunately, living a nomadic, travelling and tinkering lifestyle (I use the word “tinkering” in its purest form and not in any derogatory way) is probably a lifestyle that won’t sustain a family in modern Ireland.
Coal miners have had to adapt.
Lead miners have had to adapt.
Car mechanics have had to adapt to computer-aided diagnosis and problem-fixing.
Designers have had to do away with sketchpads and drawing boards and learn to design and detail using computer software.
Milkmen have had to take up new careers.
I could go on.
Far more wise to invest money in educating the peoples from these backgrounds.


I was joking. I’ve no time for the nomadic freeloaders at all.