Get It Off Your Chest


The Season Ticket Office


This is some story if it ends up been true



Why would they not add to his sentence in this case since he has had previous? Hope they are treating him well inside :rofl::rofl:


9 times over the legal limit fucking hell. He needs to see the inside of cell.


Or given a job driving Varadkar around.


Not a fan of drink drivers ala the healy raes. Rarely if i am driving will i have a pint.

It sounds horrendous - it sounds like he was scuttered - the legal limit for him is 20mg as he is a professional driver as opposed to 50mg (which was 80mg previous). so what exactly is 9 times over the legal limit - what does it equate to in terms of pints?


The legal limit is defined by blood alcohol levels, is it not? That could be different per person, as people metabolize alcohol at a different rate.


Yeah - different from person to person , but you have a general rule of thumb on how many drinks you can have.


Is he up there with the season ticket office?



9 pints approx …




No wonder the fcuking bus was empty!


Down there


This poor fella. Very unfortunate to be having all those accidents. Like Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events


Pricks like him should be fucked in jail for shit claims like this. Would stop an awful lot of them in the future


Court appearance and case could have been avoided long ago with that CCTV footage. But then all the legal people wouldn’t have got their thousands. Place is fcukin rotten.


And if they’re caught we’ll get the usual sob story. Disadvantaged area, hard upbringing etc… and they’ll probably be sent on their way with a suspended sentence


Bought myself a breathalyzer a while back and it’s a good investment especially if you are away for the weekend and driving home the Sunday.

Test yourself before hitting the road.


Did exactly that last weekend. Was four times over limit so obviously took more care and got home very slowly. Yup - the missus drove.