Get It Off Your Chest


Life’s a bitch…it’s dog eat dog. Would you rather the American way or the Russian/China way?


Nobody wants the return of slap bass…


I think every single person has a different view of how they would do things. We all have a view on this, that and the other and there is no real ‘right’ way of governing - or at least it hasn’t been found yet. There are too many lazy labels and pigeon-holing of things. To use some of them - I would be very right wing in some thinking, very left wing in others but mostly moderate and centrist in most things - like most I would guess. But I have long since given up on the perfect society, the perfect political system. It doesn’t exist. I despair at some of the stuff in this country - soft on crime, unfair in taxation, too much of a welfare State, minorities in every walk of life allowed to spoil things for the majority.

But at this stage I ain’t gonna change it too much …


Agree…No point getting too worked up about it suppose…life is short, try and enjoy the ride.

Despite all our issues, we have it easy compared to the majority of the worlds population.


Is there currently such a thing as a Russian or Chinese Way? Everyone seems to have run with open arms towards rampant capitalism.


Which is why the world is focked.


Well Russia and China are not democracies…de facto dictatorships. Now some will argue rightly that we in the West are bound by the banks…they hold the real power but we currently have a much higher standard of living than people in Russia or China. Best of a bad lot


That is probably true, though many Chinese people now have plenty of cash as well as assets, and that number is increasing fast from what I’ve read and heard.
Meanwhile the trend in ‘the west’ looks inevitably downwards. That doesn’t bother me btw as it’s a sort of natural order. What’s more important is what happens to the planet and whether places where poverty and war seem never-ending can achieve constructive change.


Space exploration is the next frontier…most of the technology we use today was developed because of the space program…:it’s an area where many future jobs will also be found.


Ah jaysus Mayo isn’t that bad to live in …


It’s the best :slight_smile:


It’s not a bad place at all - had many a good time there


It could well be the Centre of the universe!


It very much is, as far as Off The Boil are concerned. :roll_eyes:


There will be a lot of getting wood when horan is formally announced. Some ressers on here have already got wood at the prospect. Indeed mayo the centre of everyone’s universe. :laughing:


Certainly one of the most interesting stories out there every year.


Ye can’t stop taking about us sure :wink: admit it…ye missed us this year. Nothing like a Mayo v Dublin game for atmosphere and banter :slight_smile:



Wonder who’s giving him a job when he gets out .