Get It Off Your Chest


Was out that direction today , was wondering what the ques were about .


Assault on an NYPD Officer is min 2 years in prison upstate and that’s at the harmless end of the scale. Probation is NOT an option for anyone who attacks a law enforcement officer. Really, when is this county going to get serious on justice and sentencing?

I’ve always had the belief it will take the attack/murder of a Judge and/or politicians because the will is not there. Are they afraid of the do gooder brigade?


That’s the result of a welfare state. Plenty more like him. No excuse for any able body person to be out of a job these days.


As far as I understand it, Gardaí have always tried to keep things as low profile as possible. Once they escalate things like sentencing and being armed then violent crime against them will always escalate, as it has done in all ‘democracies’ where police force has been increased.


I never said arm them although armed backup is vital. Sentencing across the board is a joke here…plenty of examples of murders walking out after 7 years etc…justice should be about the victim and their family and friends not the perp


There are only two problems with prison. It costs a fortune and it doesn’t decrease criminality. Therefore, if we are going to use it just as punishment/revenge, why not flog offenders and give them bread and water, in solitary confinement? I’m not necessarily advocating this, I’m just asking the question! 6 months of hell instead of 6 years with gym, tv, etc.


Well ok let’s look at the extreme end…a man rapes and kills a young girl.

You mentioned cost to keep him locked up. For people like that I actually favour the death penalty.

If the death penalty is not an option as is the case in this country then I firmly believe someone like that should never see the light of day.

Why should someone like that be allowed walk the streets again?


I did not say he should! I think the system is a mess. The legal profession has a monopoly for a start. The E.U. said that solicitors and barristers must advertise what their fees are but the Blueshirts helpfully ignored this. It costs up to 200k per year to keep someone incarcerated, where they will simply meet and learn from other criminals. The stats say that prison does not stop people from engaging in crime. If on bail, they commit more crime to gather a nest egg for when they get out!


Probably when taxpayers get serious about paying for the prison space.

I’m the fact that lawyers can make more money from repeat offenders doesn’t help either :wink:


I can think of one. There’s plenty of jobs that won’t pay enough to cover rent or a mortgage.

Where’s the rising social media star or restaurant worker supposed to live?


So not working will pay for it?



Lots of unemployed people have housing provided.


If they’re able to work they should have to work in some capacity to earn the free housing


Agreed but it would be great if our politicians addressed the underlying issue of outrageous housing prices.


It shouldn’t cost that much to keep someone locked up. As I said, basic cell, basic food…prison is meant to be a punishment.

There was homeless Galway man recently who pleaded with the judge to keep him in Castlerea Prison…only in Ireland.


Then get two jobs…sounds harsh I know…but is the reality in many countries. Nobody should be given a house for nothing when being able to work.

Ironically in many rural towns it’s the opposite…plentybof housing idle or half finished but no jobs.

I think zero hour contracts should be banned. A living wage is required. For now those it’s work your ass off time. Many genuine people out there in trouble but many more belief everything should be handed to them on a plate.


Far from it, happens in plenty of other places… sadly


I live in the US. A neighbour of mine works for the military and in a local supermarket. I often see him waiting outside our local soup kitchen or food bank. Theres a lot of very poorly paid jobs out there.


Ah good, tha American Way eh, living the dream, work all the hours God sends in shitty jobs just to survive. Or because of the fallacy that The Man sells you on tap that you’ll eventually Get Ahead, and have all those things everyone really wants and needs, the big house, the two or three cars, the holiday home etc etc. Of course along the way you’ll have to trample a load of weaker people to get there but sure that’s just the natural order. Yep, that’s what a life should be all about.