Get It Off Your Chest


Not in my opinion. This is far more appropriate than breaking into private property!


Were the water protests more fashionable than this ? Fair play to them I say.

Oh , and here’s an example of those endearing tourists


Take back the city from who? Who took it?


The country.


The problem is that the media are owned by one man whose opinion is allied to that of the government. The power of the media is set against the weak and often confounds democracy. Therefore a different approach is required. It worked with stopping the privatisation of Irish water so I am hopeful it will help here too. Eoghan Murphy and his ilk make me want to puke. They hardly even try to hide the fact that they don’t give a shit about the poor.


The rich people.

If I find more recent stats, I’ll put them up. I’d say they are even more stark.


As I asked in my post, is the “only” way to fight a government organizing a protest march on O’Connell St?

I would have thought that actively engaging in the political process & working to change who does or does not get elected to high office, would do more to change the direction of our country.

Any one can engage in the same tired, old rhetoric, or shout insults at a ministerial limo, or hold up a placard outside the GPO. I’ve more respect for those who put their money where their mouth is.


And you are entitled to that view. The problem is that democracy fails as it has been subverted by the elite. Example. In the last election, 70% of candidates elected were in agreement that the new water taxes should be abolished. However this was ignored by the Blueshirts. It took mass protests to stop them. Another example. In previous elections people voted for Labour. Labour then did a u turn in office and supported austerity. So democracy keeps failing the poor and weak. That is why protests are now on the streets.


Going out in the mean streets is doing alot more rather than just shouting on the Internet or from the armchair. And it without a doubt makes people pay attention.
You say “use the democratic process”, sure how often do you get the chance to do that anyway? And quite alot of people don’t like the choices of representatives


Look at this beaut. Not working. Go figure.


Free legal aid as well but yet is able to afford to go to Amsterdam. Far from a cheap city. Absolute joke of a system


…didn’t have a solicitor and “didn’t know any of them”.

Oh, I’ve a feeling he “knows” plenty of solicitors. :roll_eyes:


It was a Ryanair flight.
He was the pilot.


Indeed he does. Saw this on twitter


What’s that got to do with going to Amsterdam …


Flights to Paris for the Ryder Cup were booked out, I think he was going over to watch it via Amsterdam.


He won’t be doing that if he gets sent down … :grin:


■■■■ that. Best doughnuts is that little place beside Bank of irleand on O’Connell street. Sell them trough a hatch.


Jesus Christ it’s a permanent shop ffs
It’s still going to be there in a weeks time. I want to try Krispy Kreme but I’ll give it a week or two when I can just walk in and out in 5 mins or so.


Yer darn tootin’ !

Eating them when they are hot out of the oil though…and the yeast expands in yer gut…Merciful Hour…the cramps ! :nauseated_face:

Great hangover food though.