Get It Off Your Chest


No no Guy. That would be uncalled for. A simple punch in the face would be the job there.


Park right behind him and disappear for an hour or two, then repeat his answer when he complains on your return!


Precisely, don’t stoop to the level that this little shit would be capable of. Take a photo, park your car and call the Gardaí. That would soon soften his cough


‘That would soon soften his cough’

What does that even mean? You would help him get over a bad cough he has, like you are Benylin or something?


Well he was parked outside a pharmacy …


You’ve never heard that expression?


I have, and wasn’t having a go at you, in general, the saying doesn’t make any sense


It doesn’t but I think everyone knows the context and I guess that’s enough in itself.


Is it a put-down to people who exaggerate their cough to get attention?

  • cough *cough …


No. It’s a put down to people of a phlegmatic dispostion.


Murder She Throat?


Prick should be banned for life. Could have easily end up with your man being killed or seriously injured


Jesus :sweat:



Fair fcuks to them. This is the only way to defeat, or at least fight a neoliberal government that owns the media.


Sitting on O’Connell Bridge will not inconvenience the “neo-liberal elite” one iota. What they are doing is hindering working class people getting to work to earn money to pay rent and mortgages. Ironic.


The only way to defeat or fight a government is to organise a protest on a quiet Saturday afternoon in town, when there’s nothing else on? I would have thought a defeat at the ballot boxes would have hurt them far more, but maybe that’s just me.


Great way to endear ourselves to the many tourists that are in town this weekend.


Agree completely. Deplorable carry on. You’ve no right to hinder ordinary people going about their business.