Get It Off Your Chest


Is that where it went wrong at the All-Stars between Fento and Leeroy?


The postman always comes twice.


He obviously misunderstood the instruction to empty his sack.


Seriously, WTF.

I mean, how does a man get to a point in life where he gets pleasure f*cking a letterbox.

It’s a strange world.


The flap would surely hurt??

I’ll get my coat


Definetly express delivery . At least there’s proof of postage …


No need to lick the stamp either.


Did his conscience prick him afterwards?


I see his address is ‘The Mount’, Tandragee. There’s a joke there somewhere.
Very pretty postbox in the photo!


Suppose he was unsure what to do with an opened package


I suppose we all have a notion of who this is, the crime committed, etc…

What I find hard to comprehend is how it has taken this long for the whole process to unravel.


May have been in an institution for a while where he wasn’t able to be interviewed.


how come he can’t be named for legal reasons? I get why the victim would be granted anonymity but not the perpetrator?


Checked himself into St John of God’s if I remember reading correctly


I suppose so… if it was held up until such a point he could plead guilty, then the only saving grace is the victim not needing to give evidence. Be thankful for small mercies.


I think it’s to protect the anonymity of the victim.


Yeah but the papers done a great job in all but naming the poor youngone to anyone who knew the victim or is involved in the club in question


He was gravely ill for a long time, hence it only going to court now AFAIK.

We can’t name him, but can we still call him Gary Sliotar?


Any scummy ■■■■ that commits a hit and run should get a mandatory sentence of 15 years. Absolute dirt bags.


2 and a half years seems to be the going rate for killing an innocent pedestrian according to our mighty judiciary