Get It Off Your Chest


Have they extend the LUAS to Cavan now ? :thinking:


That’s a good one sir!


Vid well worth a look alright - they don’t make ‘em like that any more!



Obviously living in Ulster too long!


In fairness there is a Black Lion pub not a million miles away


Is Knocklyon in Mayo?


No place for this. Hope he gets caught and dealt with, one way or other!!


An absolute thug. I hope he is identified and charged.


Normally don’t give a shite, but for some reason the deliberate tarnishing of this Dublin team and it’s achievements by professional trolls under the guise of ‘Journalism’ is really pissing me off this year.

Probably just getting old and cranky


■■■■■■■ :rage:


It’s legal to hunt male brown bears in Alaska in the Fall. Helps keep the native elk, deer & bison populations from being depleted.


Not a fan of any hunting , whether legal or not :ok_hand:


Yeah. Wouldn’t be my cup of tea either. It’s strictly controlled though. You have to have a permit & all kills have to be tagged & registered with the Dept of Fisheries & Game. Only a set number per year can be hunted.


That hasn’t worked terribly well with fish stocks!


In the Aleutian Mountains of Alaska? :thinking:


Nine out of ten fish there say they are not happy!


John West advert!


Hiding behind the conservationist tag again .


Puts things in perspective.


A key a long the length of the car and a a nail or two into the tyres would soften this pricks cough fairly quickly