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Think of a country then Google it, at some stage or another in most Europen coutries a bank was owned by the government.


I asked you for evidence as I believe you are waffling. Put it up if you have it. It was in its bollocks tried hundreds of times. There is absolutely no reason, economic or otherwise, why it couldn’t work.


Your the one who is shown to know nothing on the subject with one line dismissive responces becouse your inability to make an argument. I have made multiple supported points on this and asked questions you have answered none. You make outlandish claims with no support yet have the audacity to call me a waffler. The fact you are not aware of basics regulations, or historical instances says it all. You need to stop reading the Sinn Fein manifesto from 1987 and get in the real world. Time for you to start thinking and learning for yourself, as a hint check out Finland, Austria, Bavaria, South Australia, Argentina… additionally many banks today still inexistancesstarted in state control. But let’s not let a few facts get in the way of hyperbole.:persevere:


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Clearley you have never read anything on the subject as your only reference point is the recent irish crisis yet you ignore the behaviour of the 2.5 nationalised banks since. Litereralry there are 100s of cases were the countries up or owned banks at different stages yet it doesn’t last why.? We own 2 the UK recently owned 3, Germany nationalised 2 and on it goes for the last 300 years.

Also can you name me a case where a state owned bank has achived the panacea you seek. I don’t know of any and as a leftie working in the sector I have tried . India have had some good schemes but none ended up in a State bank scenario lasting. If regulations are the same, the fiduciary responsibilities of directors are the same and capital requirements are the same then what good does a state bank do?

I really wish you could offer up something I am happy to be wrong on this.


My spelling that’s all you got. Not to worry I put up with ignarent shiits like you since I was in Christian Brothers.


Folks, didn’t know what thread to stick this on. Just a heads up, there’s a gang of three or four lads I’m told about 17-18yrs old going around North side, from Drumcondra out to Raheny, and across to Finglas. They’re stopping younger kids and holding them up at knife point and stealing phones, coats and wallets, they’re getting the kids to wipe the phone’s, then hand them over etc. Please spread the word, two of our lads got held up at Fagans on Tuesday evening.
I’ve also been told one of them is carrying a Mahete ffs. From what I know, this gang are known by the Garda, but, nothing is being done.


We are not talking about the same thing. You are talking about things that have happened whereby the state is the major shareholder in a largely private bank. Fine Gael made no attempt to own or control AIB etc in recent years. On paper we did but with a neoliberal government, we didn’t in reality. Yes that has happened many times but it is not what I am talking about. You mentioned Cuba in a previous post. Hard to judge events in Cuba due to 50+ years of sanctions. I am talking about a national credit union- more or less. I’m not sure if it’s been tried before.


I’m no expert in this area. I don’t claim to be. You have a pop at me about this. I have a pop back at you. Such is life, both on and off the internet. Apologies if I offended you.


As a matter of interest and with the current crisis on at the moment in terms housing, private rental and supply and demand. Has there ever been a successful model run by any state to lend / finance people wanting to buy a house etc.


Let’s hope they try to hold up the wrong person like that clown a few years back who tried to rob an American tourist who turned out to be an ex marine…a good beating they need.


What can I say.



There’ll be no serious consequences for the fuckers of course


Dfb having a hard time of ATM what with the equipment been stolen as well recently .
What possesses this utter ■■■■ wits to do this .


They know there’ll be fùck all consequences


Yep , but even so, I mean we all get bored from time to time, but we don’t go around doing that,


It’s been said hundreds of times before but their needs to be mandatory prison sentences for attacking the emergency services. Say 18/24 months. Might make some of them think twice. If they do it again make it 36 months and so on


100% not only was the life of the DFB crew put in danger with a slingshot but if the ambulance was put out of action that’s someone’s else’s life put in danger when they couldn’t respond to an emergency.

Wankers who ever they are.


Deserve a good hiding.


Just off the Luas on the way to me Ma’s.

Delayed at Black Lion.

About 20 kids acting the bollix on the line.

Luas security arrived & chased them off.